Thursday, March 15, 2012

Running the race

Yesterday my son, LilB put something on Facebook that reduced me to tears.  Good tears.  Tears brought by 3 years of prayers, of believing, of the feeling a parent has knowing your child is not on the path they are intended to be on; I have spent three years knowing who God is over the situation with my kids, standing in the gap for them, fighting, through prayer, for them... I have watched as I have looked into their eyes knowing that they know they are not doing what they know they should know that look in their eyes..the one is vacant, no spark...
Yesterday, that fight came to an end for me regarding one of my children, my oldest, LilB (I am not saying I have come to a place to stop praying but a moment has arrived where I can stop fighting with the intensity and heartache I have least for him.
I want to share with you the words he wrote; I hope they find you peace in the hopeless situation you find yourself in (whatever it is) or if you are at a crossroads in your walk with God, struggling with your faith - let the words of a 25 year old man who, as a child and teen, ran hard after God, hit some barracades in his life and made choices that have brought him to this revelation.
"When you make the conscious decision to walk away from God and do your own thing (don't let anyone fool you it is always a decision), when you finally decide to turn back its twice as hard to do simple things like pray, have faith, obey. In January it had been almost 3 years since i had tried to talk to God. I know i made the right choice to follow Him again. When i look at what God is doing in my... Friends and Family i realize what i almost through away. Now i am several laps behind in this race called life. I say all this to be a lesson to anyone thinking about walking away. Eventually you will see where you should be. The Question is how far behind will you be and how much struggle will you have in those years off the track? Learn from those of us who have turned away. Don't make the same mistake."
Do you know what is equally moving and heartwarming as his words? The words of support of the people he surrounds himself with and who we know and trust to love him. As some may remember, my eldest son lives in a different country, a 24-hour straight drive away from me.
I share, with you, their words as well.
Bryan R glad to have you back in the race, now see if you can keep up with me... :)
Sherry L I am crying right now at your words. It's not how fast you run, it is whether you finish the race. We will be running along beside you.
Lynette P Well you aren't running alone my friend!
Jeremy H Well said my friend!
Harold B  Love you!
James B What awesome insight man. After words like those I am wondering how far I gotta go to catch up and run beside you.
What joy floods my soul!


  1. I am struggling as a parent/wife on many levels and I appreciate you sharing this with us/me. What a blessing for you to hear those precious words from your son and also his friends.

    God's timing is not always our timing...and life can be filled with deep trials, but God will carry us through and hopefully/prayerfully God will draw our children close to Him and our children will choose to follow the Lord.

    With Hope,

  2. I am so glad his words were able to fill you with some hope. :D

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    1. It is, isn't it...this mama, admittedly, bawled her little heart out. :D