Sunday, June 24, 2012

Family Ties

Uncle Hammer came to visit.

We, meaning the kids, leapt for joy. Literally. From our porch and into his arms. It was a great surprise. We ate pizza and drank Dr Pepper and laughed and laughed and then we hugged, snuggled, took silly pictures and made plans for a family trip to an upcoming fair. Jellybean and Uncle Hammer wrung their hands with glee as they plotted and schemed all the crazy, daredevil rides they will be going on together. While I made plans to take my camera and keep my feet safely planted on terra firma. :D

 Oh no, they are definitely not related in any way, shape or form...oh how I love these goofs..By the way, Jellybean is no where near as tall as her Uncle Hammer let her appear to be. :D

Aw, brotherly love....

Today, we get to spend the day with Uncle Hammer as we will be celebrating the graduation of Rush with a family barbeque in just a few short hours...


  1. Looks like you are having a great time! Great post :)

    With Hope,

  2. It was a lot of fun for sure! :-)