Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Stork Cometh

Oh yes, the stork is coming and he is bringing us a gift! We are going to be grandparents again! Our son, Tuff and his girlfriend, K are expecting and their due date...a week before my birthday... :D

My heart is singing to meet this new little person!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


And I am not exaggerating! Not even a little! We have had so much snow this year, the city is "running out of places to put it" and are considering shutting down one side to some of our side streets so they can use it for snow. Like really?????

Let me give you a little example of the 2012/2013 Canadian winter thus far

Average snowfall for us (October to January) is 65.5 centimeters or 25.8 inches
Our actual snowfall this year, from Oct 1 to Jan 28, 2013 was 114.4 centimeters or 45 inches!

And it continues! By February 5  we had all ready exceeded our normal February snowfall!!!!

The past few days, temperature wise have been ok but before that, we were looking at -48 Celsius (-54.4 F), -51 Celsius (-59.8 F)...that is including the windchill...

We have had no snowdays...I have not missed work due to the snow..apparently Canada all provinces, except for BC (I hear they have snow days), don't believe in them...I have been late for work...sitting in snowbanks waiting to be pulled out because shovelling and pushing have failed to get me out...but no snow days...deep in my Canadian heart, I kind of wish we did have a snow day here and there...but then common sense takes over and I realize we would be shut down for 1/3 of the year so maybe, I will take the snow and make proverbialy the shape of snow forts and sliding and frolicking in the mountains of snow.

I hope whatever part of the world you are from, you are feeling happy, loved, content and joyful no matter the state around you.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Silent Killer

BigDaddy almost did not come home to us last Thursday. He was sent off, again, the midst of his working he began to feel poorly but chalked it up to not sleeping well or his stiff neck giving him a headache.

On and off throughout the day, his partners would come in and out but never stay for long. Finally, toward the end of the afternoon, they were in the room long enough to realize that they too were not feeling well...and the three left the room.

News the next day confirmed my suspicions that BigDaddy was on the verge of carbon monoxide poisoning...

He is now, finally, starting to feel better but that can be scarey stuff...
Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer...

Please, be aware. Please, have a carbon monoxide detector in your homes. Please, take care.