Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm raising the cuteness factor

{but I may be a tad biased}

Don't say I didn't warn you...

P.S. You may also find yourself succumbing to optical overstimulization - I couldn't make a decision.

Told you.

Bacon Tid Bits

The week is catching up to me but I am still in good spirits - only slightly in need of a nap.  You see my honey is gone again this week.  I have a hard time sleeping when he is gone.  Last night I conversed on my personal facebook over some of the silliest things.

Oh yes, we discussed our neighborhood being "goosed" - more on that in a moment, and how we could bet laundry folding gnomes to come to our house since it was apparent that no one was going to build me the inner laundry folding device for my dryer.  That convesation soon ended up in a debate as to who would be more efficient laundry folding gnomes or laundry folding fairies.  I, personally, think fairies are to flightly while the gnome from Expedia has been very reliable for how many years?

Now to explain how our neighborhood got goosed. And we most certainly did.  There are currently about 90 geese being cleaned in our little complex as I speak, er, type.  How did we get so many Canadian Geese?  I am so glad you asked. You didn't? I'm pretty sure you did - even if you didn't say it out loud, the thought ran through your head like "what the...heh, how does one get that many geese?"

BigDaddy's work partner has a cousin who is a hunting guide.  Each year he has a group of gentlemen that come up from The States to hunt geese but as they live so far they don't really take any home - they just like to do it.  Evidently, they had a good year this year and that's no goosing oops, I mean goofing.

I found some really good deals at the store yesterday - our laundry soap is on sale... $9.97 instead of $15.97.  I bought three.  Cases of Campbells soup (tomato and mushroom only) for $5 instead of $8. I also found two little sweaters for Jellybean in the clearance racks for $1 instead of $14.  I did get  a few stocking stuffers for Christmas all ready. I also have a couple of main gifts bought and that makes me feel good.  Total cost of presents so far - and I am serious people - $40. That's with two main presents totally bought, 3 items of clothes purchased for Jellybean (so far), a wooden butcher's block cutting board and 5 stocking stuffers!  Woot!  Organization and starting early enough to utilize good sales totally "rox my sox"!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Me and mine

Oh yeah...

We had a blast hanging out with our friends arranging photos then handing the camera over to them to start shooting...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wayne & Shar

This fun couple, are very good friends of ours.  In fact, I have put pictures of them up here before but, truthfully, I am too lazy to find where they are right now. {How is that for honest? - grin}

I have done no editting on the pictures yet but I think that they turned out really well as is and may only do minimal edits like turning some black and white or something.

Here's a peek...

Mad Dash Monday

Today my husband left for another week away with work.  I don't begrudge him having to leave because that is part of his job and he is very good at his job but there are times when I really dislike sharing "custody" with his work.

I was finally able to get some nice weather to get a photoshoot done with our family and with a friend of mine who wanted me to get pictures done for them for Christmas cards... This afternoon I have another one, which includes a pregnant mommy so I am totally looking forward to some uber fun shots!

Met a spunky, spry lady who is a patient at the doctor's office I work at.  She was born in 1919! If her husband had not passed away last month they would have been married 68 years this week.  Wow!  When I grow up I wanna be just like her!

I'm needing to find a new sitter for my kids for the couple hours after school I still work.  My sitter has had a rough go this Fall with her parents: her mom just had surgery and her dad was diagnosed with agressive cancer.  Please pray for her, for them.  She was not only my sitter but is also my friend.

The engine mount on the regurjamobile {aka my car} is the newest thing to be added to the ever growing list of needs.  If this car were a horse I would be taking it out to shoot so we could put it out of its misery.  However, this weekend, we (meaning a friend of ours) may have discovered why the car is surging.  I simply need to wait for my husband to get back home so he can change those parts and see.  Fingers crossed {if I believed that that would work}.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Praying for ...

my marriage.  There is nothing "wrong" with my marriage. There is room for improvement; don't get me wrong but I am not praying for my marriage because we are in a rocky spot.  I am praying for my marriage because I want it strengthened constantly.

Satan attacks marriages because they represent the family unit.  The strengthening of our marriages also edifies the "mystery" of who Jesus is to the church body; He tells us this in Ephesians 5. That, then, makes the opposite true.  If he can weaken and destroy our marriages, he then weakens how we see Jesus.

I have choosen to submit to my husband.  Now I know I heard several of you gasp in shock because now you are veiwing me as someone who believes in being walked on but that is not what submission is about.  "Submission" is the act of coming under the mission. (Soldiers submit to their commanding officers because they come under the mission.  Society finds that honorable yet, they find weakness in a wife submitting to her husband) My husband and I simply have one mission together and that is to do what we can to raise our family in the godliest manner we can without falling subject to the pharasitical, hypocritical spirit of "religion" (that killed Jesus).

Submission, in our house, does not mean that my husband tells me I can no longer wear green or I have to cook this or whatever people believe that means.  It means that I come under the same mission he has which is the same mission that Jesus has for the church. It means sometimes it is difficult because I want to feel sorry for myself and wallow in pity because my daughter chose to not live with me and my husband will remind me, gently, that that is an unneccessary use of my time or in some other way.  It means that when he wants for our family to wake up a few minutes early to afford ourselves time for family prayer in the morning (even though my body would much rather be enjoying a couple more minutes of sleeping) I do it because I know that he is doing this for the betterment of our family and our family's relationship with God.

Our strength lies in our ability to work together and so, I pray for our marriage.  That it will not hit a plateau, never level off and never fall subject to battle fatigue.  I pray for a strength and a resilience to come into our marriage, for the weak spots in the walls (like in the days of Nehemiah) to be re-inforced.

***** Disclaimer ******
I, in no way, intend to imply that wives are to submit to an abusive, manipulative, ungodly man. Not in the least.  If you are being abused in any way, I implore you to seek help IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Mo-om, I had an accident"

I've been hearing those words quite often from my dear boy and it is really beginning to bother him.  We keep trying to tell him that this is more common than he knows, reinforcing that he is not the only one and trying to not get frustrated washing sheets every day.

We know that this is not his fault and keep trying to reassure him of that fact. Once in awhile we wonder if this is something that we should take him to the doctor about - especially after every website we visit tells us that there really is nothing they can do for the majority of cases.  So? At what point do you get to the point of being concerned? At what age is "enough" and action needs to be taken?

Of the research that I have done, I have learned that nighttime urinary incontinence is twice as common in boys as in girls and that for many there is a family history - suggesting an inherited factor.  There has been a history of this in a couple of his siblings.

This is the point where I ask you for your help, from your experience.  Do we take him to our doctor? Wait it out? Will he grow out of it? What can we say to help him not feel so poorly about the whole thing? What, if anything has worked to help your child(ren)? Do we cut off liquids at a certain time? Wake him up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom?

Websites I have visited say that if the problem is a result of a small bladder capacity it will simply fade away with age...

Moms, Dads, this is where I implore you for your help, your suggestions, your knowledge brought forth by experience...

Do you buy those big kid "night time" pull-ups like Goodnights?

Please, do share...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Signs my children are growing older

My youngest son, Bug, just finished studying for his first school exam EVER.  It is in Social Studies and his memory verse for that book is 1 Peter 3:8 "Love as bretheren". He doesn't get what that word "bretheren" means but he sure is willing to try.

Jellybean just spent the evening cleaning and re-organizing her room.  She did a fabulous job! She even threw stuff out and for this de-cluttering mama, she made my heart skip a beat. {wink}

Rush is preparing to go to a kegger.  She doesn't seem to comprehend that this world is actually smaller than she thinks and things tend to get around - even when one doesn't live with her mother any more. My heart hurts for her choices but I know that my God is greater than any circumstance she puts herself into.

Jellybean has begun doing her own laundry and has been doing a great job of it - other than banging the heck out of the top of the washing machine, thinking it was broken when all along she simply had not pulled the button out.

Bug has been going through growing pains of his own - with choosing who he should and should not spend a lot of time with, as far as influences.  Yes, some of you might think that at 7 years old there is no way we should be putting that on him and, in a sense, you are correct.  However, we will sit with him and discuss things and ask him questions to see if he thinks they are really people he wants to spend a lot of time with.  We never tell him he can't spend anytime with them but we get our children to decide if they like the person they are, things they do and attitudes they come home with if they spend too much time with particular people and then we get them to figure out if they think they should spend less time with them or not.  I don't think it is ever to early to guide your children into personal accountability. {thoughts?}

Note: I've been quite busy lately - mainly "mind busy" and I notice that I really haven't been my usual funny self.  I've said this before but it was coming back... I don't know if I am feeling pressure to write so I just write and don't worry about what I say or what but I wanna get the fun back in dysFUNctional. {grin}

Perhaps all the information I have been given in the last little while (with conferences) has been being processed and it, I believe, has taken a forefront of my thinking... who knows...

Anywhoodles, I am going to bed.  Tomorrow begins the start of a new week, new adventures, new projects and new visions... I may need my rest. {wink}

Give up...

Those words were uttered by our pastor this weekend, on our Friday night service to be exact.

I'll bet you never thought you would hear of a pastor saying that, right?  I know I never thought I would.
There's more though.  That isn't all he said in that sentence.  To be completly honest he said, "Give up on quitting."

There are times I have felt like quitting but I just can't.  I can't find that anywhere within my response to actually do.  I know I have been in situations where I have felt like it, as I said above, or said "I just wanna..." but when push comes to shove I can't find it in my heart to give up.

I am a fighter.  I always have been.  Sometimes you just have to make sure your head and heart are in the right fight...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

98 Days

until Christmas Day.  I am not including today because it's half over.

I don't know about you, but I don't plan on going overboard with gifts this year.  We never really have in our family.  Christmas, to us, is so much more than the gifts.  Don't get me wrong; we still buy gifts but we most certainly do not go into debt overspending.

Our children will get gifts from us - some practical and some fun.  The older kids will probably get gift cards. Impersonal?  Maybe. But they are out and on their own and have a much better idea of what they will need or want than we will(and let's not forget know proper sizing) and I am not one for buying something just because it is on sale and I can give it to everyone.

My dad doesn't like us spending money on him... so, for our parents we take nice pictures of the kids or the whole family and, there you have it, a nice, inexpensive gift they will enjoy.  Christmas cards this year will be the same as last... I am taking the kids out, hopefully tomorrow, and having a nice photoshoot with them in order to get our cards ordered.

BigDaddy & I, I don't know what we are going to do for each other this year or if we will get a shared gift for each other or if we will just put money on a bill and say "Merry Christmas". I'm really beyond that this year.  I really just want to get our one last debt paid and get some money saved to buy me a better car.  (I am tired of the regurgamobile and ALL of its many problems)

Anywho, this whole post wound up way more serious than I intended for it - I think I am suddenly in need of a nap {grin}.  What do you do to plan for Christmas?  To keep it within budget? Are you an early shopper? A Christmas Eve shopper?  Did I catch you off guard with the whole 98 day thing (which by the way I had to count to see how many actual days there were left)?

Monday, September 13, 2010

I think my heart grew too big

while I sat in my living room, folding laundry and listening to my dear Bug doing his homework.  As he read these words from his school pace, his face lit up and he cried out with excitment, "This makes sense!  It really, really makes sense!"  He looked over at me with a light in his eyes and glee written all over his face, his hands, in excitement, at the side of his head and said, "Mom, hear this!  It makes so much sense!  I can't believe it! It just makes sense!"

What did he read?

"I know what God wants me to do.  God wants me to do what is right."

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fare Thee Well Summer. It's Been a Slice...

We've had loads of fun this summer.

Picnics with friends

Scootering (is that really a word?)

Biking (after getting it back from the thief who *ahem* borrowed it)
 Hiking (on the swinging bridge)

 Fishing (P.S. this handsome man is my dad!)

Canoing (and boating)
We leap into Fall and a great start to another uber great school year and another uber great season!
Thanks for all the fun, Summer 2010; you were great while you were here.

We have dubbed this summer the year of the splash park but as it was the sitter who took the kids while I was at work, there are no pictures.

Friday, September 10, 2010

At the car wash

My children were involved in a car wash about a month ago. {yes, I realize I am slow.  Do you realize it will be Oct before I get my first day of school pics up? I aim to be consistent - consistently behind seems to be the flow right now. grin}

I will let the pictures do the talking...

There were several children there helping but I only wanted to put pictures up here of if other people's children weren't facing the camera.

I Am

Canadian  Well, yes I am Canadian but what I meant to type was...

I am a ninja.  I know.  You all ready knew that.  It's pretty hard to keep something like that a secret.  Me and Clark Kent have bonded many times trying to figure out new ways to keep our identities secret.  Anywhoodles, here is how I became known as a ninja (I am a particular "brand" of ninja too).

Bug and his friends have gotten into a stage of life where all they want to do is play ninja.  Tonight, as I was tucking Bug in bed he said "Mom when I was opening my eyes, you looked like a ninja."  "Buddy," I said, "I am a ninja."  His eyes grew big as saucers and he said, "You are!?!!?"

"Yes, baby, I am.  I'm a mommy ninja."

"That's so cool, mom. I kinda thought so..." And off he went to sleep, knowing he was well protected by {insert cheesy super hero music here} Mommy Ninja...?  Mama Ninja...?  Ninja Mom...?  Ninjommy?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Classic Tomato Spaghetti

Serves 4-6

2 cloves of garlic

1 fresh red chile

a small bunch of fresh basil

sea salt and freshly ground pepper

1 pound dried spaghetti

olive oil

1 x 14-oz can of diced tomatoes

4 oz Parm cheese

Peel and finely slice the garlic. Finely slice the chile (half and seed first if you don't want the auce too hot). Pick the basil leaves off the stalks and put to one side; finely chop the stalks.

Bring large pan of salted water to a boil, add the spaghetti and cook according to instructions. Meanwhile, put a large saucepan on a medium heat and add some olive oil. Add the garlic, chile, and basil satalks and give them a stir. When the garlic begins to brown slightly, add most of the basil leaves and the canned tomatoes. Turn the heat up high and stir for a minute. Season with salt and pepper. Drain the spaghetti and transfer to the pan of sauce and stir well. Add more salt and pepper to taste (if needed).

These can be added to your tomato sauce when it is finished. Stir in and warm through.

*Add a handful of baby spinach leaves to the sauce at the same time you add the pasta - when the leaves have wilted remove from the heat and serve with crumbled feta on top.

Ghost Town

Yes, this week this space has seemed ore like a ghost town than my blog.  I have been quiet.  I have pictures to put on here...soon.  Maybe some today...after I have a nap.  Yeppers, it DOES happen to  be 9:38 in the AM here and I am all ready planning a nap. Thankyouverymuch.

Our church is currently in the process of an 8 day celebration/conference of the completion of this Nehemiah project (the one where we now live and that we were re-building/restoring a very, very bad part of town).  We began on Sunday and we will end on Sunday.  I have had tasks to do to prepare for the next day each day so far and I have worked every day... that means the only time I could do my prep work was in the late/wee hours of the night/morning.  1 and 2 AM bedtimes all week.

Don't get me wrong, it's been great; I've gotten a lot out of this week so far - a lot of life altering teachings but the flesh loves to fight especially when it comes to sleeping and I plan on giving my flesh a smidge of a party today!


I may even take my flesh out on a date this afternoon and buy it lunch!  There's no limits on what I may do to rewad my flesh for the hours of sleep it feels deprived from. {grin}

So it has been a ghost town here, tumbleweeds blowing and everything but have no fear, I'm doing great!  I have been keeping up with you via your blogs but I have been on a commenting strike (due to time).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Can't Believe the Difference

I was recently blessed with a pair of cheap, read knock-off shoes like this from a dear friend of mine. I had seen these shoes but had never really given much thought to them.  I thought they were just another gimmick to get people to spend ridiculous amounts of money on something that claimed to make weight loss easier for them.

I have worn the pair of "rocker" shoes that I got for one day at work- one day! - and I can all ready feel a difference in the small of my back.  I would come home from work with the small of my back so knotted up and sore I could hardly move... My back feels fabulous after my work day!

You want to know something else?  Shhh... it's a secret... 

I can "feel" the muscles in several parts of my leg/butt like I have given them a supreme work out.  This could be interesting...

Seriously, if you are on your feet for a great deal of time each day or are at a job (like one of mine - cashier standing hours on a concrete floor) give some consideration to trying out a pair of these shoes.  I am not endorsing the brand name; this is merely the link/photo of them I found.  Like I mentioned earlier, mine are a "cheap" version... and I love them, in all their cheap, knock offishness (oh that is SO a word and you know it {grin})

Disclaimer: I was not rewarded nor compensated in anyway by any manufacturer of this type of shoe.  In fact, no one but the few off you who read this little blog will even know I wrote this.  This is simply based on my own personal experience with them.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A time to sow and a time to reap

and a time to prepare some things in advance...

"Peanut butter AGAIN!!!!"

If I don't take time to do some prep work for school lunches that is what I will hear. I find that being able to utilize an hour or so one day a week really helps me to not have to rely on the standard P.B & J sandwiches for my kids' lunches.

So, yesterday I did just that.  I currently have 5 bbq turkey buns and 13 cold cut subs in my freezer just ready to be taken out and topped with scruptious veggies.  I also pre-made snack bags of baby carrots, pepper strips, grapes, almonds and mixed nuts. 

Most evenings we don't get home until quite late and if I can do this little step to divert some of the nightly chores (other than minimal assembly) all the better! For myself, I find it way easier to grab a couple buns or bags of soup or burritos (etc) out of my freezer, add a couple veggies, a fruit and a juicebox.  Doing it this way, school lunches take 5 minutes (during the weeknight) to get into lunch kits. 

Yay for time savers!  What's your best time saver?

Friday, September 3, 2010

A day in the life of a mom of 7

Yes, I am a mom of 7 but I'm just playin' that this is the day in the life of a mom of 7 since I only have 2 living at home now.  The most we have had living with us at a time is 5 plus a boyfriend (other than summer holidays where we have had all 7 children in our house).

I go to an incredibly active church - a church that is striving for revival throughout our nation.  We have a Corporate Prayer Team/Worship Team training meeting every Tues at 7-9:30 PM (both of which I am currently a part of - to my joy and honor), Friday evenings is our Corporate Prayer Service (at 7 PM) where we gather together as a church body and pray strategic prayers against things that come against us as a church body or against our nation, our government, families, etc and Sundays we have a regular morning service and (every two weeks) we have an evening meeting called Money Matters to help our church body fight their financial problems at 7 PM.  Each Sunday my family is at the church from 8:45 until about 2:30 (home for a bit and back if there is the money meeting).  Yes, our services last from 9:30 (which is the half hour we have pre-service prayer) until about 1:00 (sometimes longer) and then my husband stays at the church until our pastor is finished with any meetings he may have afterwards.

Why do I tell you this?  Most certainly not to say "my church is better than your church because we have longer services" but more to set the stage as to the time crunch we, as a family have.

I have to be really purposeful with my time and energies.  I have to have strategy and intent.  I meal plan, pre-cook, pre-assemble, do laundry in stages (a load in the wash on way out the door and a load in the dryer as soon as I get home and folding whenever I can).  I have lists coming out my wazoo.  What's a wazoo?  You don't want to know - trust me. {wink}

I know that my "chaotic" (for lack of a better word) schedule is not the only mom schedule like this in existence.  Some of us are taking our children to hockey, soccer, dance, music lessons, riding lessons, etc.  I believe we need to unite as an "army of moms" and instead of trying to belittle any one for not doing things like we do we need to support, uplift and strengthen each other (gee, I'm making us sound like bras - sheesh).  I have seen circles of moms who cut down others for homeschool, for not homeschooling, for working outside of the home, for being a SAHM, for being out with the children too much, for not doing anything with them, for... well, you get the idea.

I would LOVE to make this a blog where we moms can bounce ideas off each other, share what works for us and what hasn't.  We are all striving to do the very best job we can for our little (or big) families and I would love for this to be a resource for moms of all walks.  What would you like to see here to help your family personally? As a mom (housewife, mom of fur babies whatever), what do you want to see for resources?

I have no intention of this not being a "Mom blog" about my family/life but I would like to add a bit of substance (for lack of a better word) to it.

This is a judge free zone, mamas.  We need more places where we can feel safe to express our desires, needs and concerns.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


{Inuit for polar bear.}

We will miss you.

I got an email from my step-mom, one to all my siblings and myself (why an email? Somethings are way easier to type once than to have to hear yourself say over and over).  They had to put Nanook, or Nook as he was lovingly called, down.  Sometime ago Nook injured his lower back; it healed up to the point of him having a good (not great) quality of life - good: without pain, happy but perhaps cautious. While out at the lake, he re-injured himself. He lost control of all of his "functions"; he was in great pain. 

"Dad and I decided we had to put him down. It was the hardest decision to make."

The words in Jude's email even read sad.

"Fred says 'No more dogs'.

The kids and I had our cries. They lived the life of having a dog vicariously through Nook and they loved him as much as he loved them...

Rest well, dear friend. You filled a need in Dad and Jude's life, filled their home with love, were a great companion to my dad and took such good care of him.  Good dog.  Rest well.  We miss you...

Update on THE "Buginator"

We saw our family doctor today; who told us that Bug has some inflammation and, at this time, that is all they can see.  He is to keep off his leg for all of today and, again, tomorrow and is able to try to start walking on Saturday.  We've pre-scheduled an appointment for Tuesday for the doctor to re-check him, early enough in the day that we can get another set of x-rays done (and in time to see them and take action) if needed.

He is getting texts from his daddy telling him he wishes he were here and texts from his grandmother telling him she is praying for him and hoping all will be well. Bug told her, "Don't worry, Grandma! I know Jesus will heal me and I will be 100%!"

He is a typical boy - hating that he can't be on the go-go-go but most definitely enjoyed wheeling himself around the grocery store in the courtesy wheel chair... slamming into stuff and running people over.

I'm needing to find something to help him release some of this energy without him moving alot.  Last night we drew on each other with face paint... Tonight... I don't know...  Truly I am tired from carrying around an extra 50 lbs...  (definite incentive to maintain and possibly lower my weight... I could NOT carry another 50 lbs all the time!)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I am so blessed

by my church family!

On Tuesday night some of them decided to put some meals together for me as I have been working late, getting the sitter home and having meetings right after that.  They saw my need and made a plan to help me.

I am overwhelmed by their goodness.

As it turns out, due to Bug's mysterious injury, I have not had to go to work but these meals are still so appreciated at a time like this.  Bug is a healthy 7 year old boy and lugging him around to get him to the washroom or to help him switch positions, etc has been taxing on my own body.  My heart has always been soft for families that need to deal with something like this everyday of their lives and now that my body has "felt" their pain I am reminded and would really like to issue a challenge to you all...

If you know of a family (someone in your neighborhood, from your children's school, whatever) take the time to make an extra casserole or a batch of cookies or something to help ease their burden.  An extra 30 minutes out of your day could mean the world to them...

I am reminded of something the people of our complex did for one of our neighbors just last week. A man ran out on his wife and their 3 girls, leaving them with no furniture, money or food.  By the end of a 24 hour period the people in this bay had fully furnished her entire house, filled her fridge and cupboards and supplied her girls with some school supplies.  I am not sure if there was additional financial help or not - but she went from nothing to everything in just as many hours.  She was overwhelmed by this amount of help from strangers.  We were able to exemplify the love, kindness, mercy and goodness of Jesus.

You never know the magnitude your small gesture can make in someone's life.  There is power in many small things adding together...

*** Updated*** Battery dying...

***Updated****  Ok, I got the computer fixed and the battery all charged up.  Bug's radiology report came back - through the swelling it doesn't appear that there is a greenstick fracture or any dislocation.  GREAT news!!!  Only thing is now no one has any idea as to why my dear Bug can not walk.  He has tried...he most certainly has given it his very best.  He is a "manly" man and doesn't like the fact that his mama has to carry him everywhere (He would prefer that to be a choice not a need {wink}).

We have an appointment with our family doctor tomorrow morning.  My employer has been phenomenal in supporting me throughout this day and into our needs for tomorrow.  You see BigDaddy is gone.  (That's usually the time when stuff like this happens - when he has had to go off for work for the week.)
In the mean time I am to keep my boy "drugged up" on pain relievers, ice his leg for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off and fill him up with freezies (this is why my children LOVE our doctors!).  I only wish our only bathroom was not upstairs or that he had to go every 15 minutes...

laptop not recognizing it is plugged in but please pray for Bug, my 7 year old.  He suddenly and without reason is unable to weight bear on his right leg.  Chiropractor seen, Xrays taken.  Waiting on results to see where we go from here.

Please pray for direction and complete restoration. I'm afraid my mommy instincts are not adding to my faith right now.  Fear has set in...

Battery is darn near dead I will be back as soon as I can or as soon as I figure out how to fix this crazy thing...

Sorry to leave you hanging!