Friday, September 10, 2010

I Am

Canadian  Well, yes I am Canadian but what I meant to type was...

I am a ninja.  I know.  You all ready knew that.  It's pretty hard to keep something like that a secret.  Me and Clark Kent have bonded many times trying to figure out new ways to keep our identities secret.  Anywhoodles, here is how I became known as a ninja (I am a particular "brand" of ninja too).

Bug and his friends have gotten into a stage of life where all they want to do is play ninja.  Tonight, as I was tucking Bug in bed he said "Mom when I was opening my eyes, you looked like a ninja."  "Buddy," I said, "I am a ninja."  His eyes grew big as saucers and he said, "You are!?!!?"

"Yes, baby, I am.  I'm a mommy ninja."

"That's so cool, mom. I kinda thought so..." And off he went to sleep, knowing he was well protected by {insert cheesy super hero music here} Mommy Ninja...?  Mama Ninja...?  Ninja Mom...?  Ninjommy?

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  1. cute is that. He is probably proud of his Mommy, knowing that she is there to protect him.

    Anne @