This blog began as a place for me to sort through the trials of having a rebellious teenager.  Mere days after its heartbroken beginnings, my 16 year old daughter ran away from home. I used this place to deal with the emotional shrapnel from that day, and, from time to time, still do.

It is more a place, now, for me to share all my experiences through this journey of mommyhood.  I think that being a mom is the best job I have ever had. So, my little piece on the internet is evolving into a place to share, not just my grief, but my joy, my God, my experiences, and my heart as I grow through life with my children and my wonderful husband.

We lead, what some would call, a crazy busy life. We have 7 children (combined); two of them live with their mom an hour and a half away from us, my "runaway" lives with my mom an hour and a half the other way, two of them have grown up and moved on and that, my friends, leaves us with two children at home. We attend a church where we have grown exponentially as a couple and as a family, and we are all quite happily busy being involved in every aspect of our church family as possible.

Thanks to our involvment in the church, I can now add several new items to the list of who I am.  Aside from daughter, wife, mother, sister, friend I can add painter, mudder, sander, landscaper, interior decorator, skit writer, worshipper, prayer warrior, and student.

I am constantly learning as I know a humble, teachable spirit is imperative.  We are embarking on a new journey as we move from our (rented) house to a much smaller (rented) townhouse in hopes of rebuilding our broken finances; we are well on our way.

I hope you will join me as I learn about raising my children, being a wife and managing a household.  It is, after all, my heart!