Friday, October 29, 2010

Gone before you even had it... (ATTN: VERY important)

but only the money part of it - not the testimony.  My testimony of this has NOT been stolen because I refuse, we refuse to be robbed of that. 

The same is not true for the person directly involved in what I am about to disclose to you.  Someone extremely close to us was robbed yesterday of a lot of money.  She answered a phone call to which she was greeted by an upset sounding young man's voice eluding that he was someone she knew very well (and with the upset tone in his voice she thought it very well could be).  This person then began to explain how he and a few of his buddies rented a car, drove to Montreal, got into some pretty serious trouble, got arrested and he needed bail money to sent to his lawyer. Panic stricken, rational thinking was out the window and her only thoughts were to help this person she loved.

She flew out the door and wired, through Western Union, an incredibly large sum of money (the amount that she was going to give to us as a gift in two days - I am not even kidding!) RCMP have been informed.  What can be done is uncertain at this moment. Will the money be returned? In the natural it sure doesn't seem like it.  They even tried to get money out of her a second time - the SAME DAY!!! This time she put a trace on the phone number (what will come of that remains to be seen).

She feels stupid, hurt, wounded, embarrassed, violated and I am only able to scratch the surface with adjectives to describe how she is feeling.

We could feel the same way.  That was, in a sense, our money - set aside for us just waiting for the roadtrip to town to place it in our hands.  It can definitely be used here.  It would put us in a postion where all our bills were paid up to date plus we had money in the bank to go spend Christmas with our son (in another country) who has been without family at Christmas time for the past few years.

Should we be sad, crying, gnashing our teeth?  Certainly we could be.  But we have a solid faith in God and His word says that you will be rewarding 7-fold for what has been taken from you (and we believe that for the victim of this dispicable crime too).  We also know that God took care of us enough to provide that money to us the first time; He certainly has not been robbed of His power and authority to take care of us.  Our faith is not in the money that was taken but in the God that provided it to begin with.

Yesterday, while we explained to the two young kids that there is a possibility that we may not spend Christmas with LB now and their little hearts sank, BigDaddy said to them "Right now, Daddy's wallet is empty".  To which our little firebrand, Jellybean stated, "Yes, Daddy, but God's isn't".  On Sunday, we are celebrating.  What can we possibly have reason to celebrate right now?  We are celebrating and having a party within our family that our God is ALWAYS good and He is ALWAYS just and He will provide for us!

I really want to take this time to talk to your loved ones, especially the elder ones who are involved in any aspect of your life and warn them that this is happening - A LOT!  Set up a password with them.  Which is what we have done with our loved one who was damaged by this particular crime.  If you are in real trouble and you are really asking for help (that involves a bizarre situation or whatever) you can provide a password to them that they can guarantee who you truly are!  Tell them to check stories out before providing credit card information or wiring money.  If the situation is that bad the person will not mind at all waiting 5 minutes for you to call them back so you can sit, think about what you were just told, analyze the entire situation AND verify facts with at least one other person that YOU have contacted yourself so you know with certainty who you are speaking with.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things are a movin' and a shakin'

We just stepped things about a few notches and I am so excited about it!

"We" being our church, CRC.

Up until now we have had Friday evening Corporate Prayer services, which, by the way, have been such a phenomenal time for me, and Sunday morning service with the occassional evening seminar, say on finances or something to that effect. Just recently, we began opening up our corporate prayer team's training nights to the whole congregation for the first half as well.

We are in a brand new atmosphere now, baby, and, as I said before, I am excited to see what is about to happen and what is about to be birthed.

Tuesday night's corporate prayer training is now being moved to Mondays, which frees up my Tuesdays to actually be able to take part in the worship team's practices which have also been, and remain on, Tuesday evenings. Wednesday nights, starting in roughly half an hour, we are having a media night (which entails, well, I guess I will find out in about a half hour just what all it encompasses). Friday evening will return to our regular Friday evening service and then we have Sunday morning service and, in a month's time or so, we will be having streaming videos (hopefully) or simply recordings of panel discussions, interviews - the vision for this is, seemingly, endless!

Why so busy? I simply can't do all these, keep up with work and a family, right?  Well, you're right. I can't. We can't. But we don't rely on your own strength for this.  We will not always have to be at every thing that I have listed and so, with a little planning (such as utilizing my slow cooker more than I EVER have in my entire life) and a lot of prayer and of giving up of our own agendas, it can get done.

Now, stop feeling sorry for me. I find no greater joy (and neither does my husband or Jellybean or Bug) than in offering my life as a living sacrifice - meaning giving up my agenda  for something that is way bigger than I will ever be.

I am so excited about what is about to happen! I will not even begin to say, however, that I am not partly wondering how it will all work as far as juggling schedules and cooking and cleaning and all of those things.  But I do know that it will all fall into whichever place the puzzle piece is supposed to go.

Monday, October 25, 2010

When silliness takes adults over

And when I say "adults" I use the term loosely because I am meaning my brother and me.  We can get pretty goofy when we are together or, as is the case here, caught up in an impromptu rhyming game via text messaging...

It started off with my brother simply texting me saying "Then there were two"
I asked him, "Who bought the boys?"

S: They got ice cream
Me: Was it from a goat?
S:They had to cross with a boat.
Me: But did it float?
S: Only when they crossed the moat.
Me: (for some reason this text is lost and I can't remember what it said)
S: When they got across they sure did gloat.
Me: Until one of them got a frog in his throat.
S: He could get a doctor note
Me: But the doctors office was too remote
S: So they went to see a coyote.
Me: And he was realy cutthroat
S: The old indian told them to chew peyote
Me:And for that he took their last banknote
S: He fed his horse but only one oat
Me: So the horse submitted an idea to "Murder She Wrote"
S: For their father they will dote
Me: But what did their father's lifestyle promote?
S: Only after the vote
Me: How could his business stay afloat
S: You will lose he said and I quote
Me: There was fear one would come to demote
S: It's all coming down to the revote
Me: But did he wear a petticoat

(this is where I began to get desperate and could not think of anymore words...)

S: You can't keep throwing junk in front of words you already said. Fishing boat.
Me: It's a totally new word ;P are you going to revolt?
S: Doesn't rhyme. You lose.

(and this is where I began to grovel and just make stuff up)
Me: Does so... just say the 'l' really fast...

Anyway, I conceded defeat and that he had won fair and square - you know given the fact that I just kept creating "compound words" ending in coat...

We will do this quite often. Not this particular game but just out of the blue, and without there being an actual decision to do so, just begin playing some random game through texting.

Anyone else find themselves doing this?  Anyone... Marco...?  {fade to crickets chirping...}

Friday, October 22, 2010

How Funny is THAT?!!?

I've been saving this little story - not because I wanted to deny you its hilarity but because I seemed to always forget about it or have something else more imminent and timely.

WARNING: This story is quite funny and I would like to pre-warn every reader to put any beverage they may (or may not have) down, swallow what beverage or food item may (or may not) be in their mouths before continuing.  Consider yourself warned.  I am no longer legally responsible for any damage to monitors, keyboards, ipods, etc.

I was paying bills the other day, on-line as I always do, when Jellybean came up to me and asked what I was doing.
Me: Paying bills, honey.

Jellybean: Ugh, why do we have to pay bills anyway!?  What kind of bills are you paying?

Me: Paying the water, the phone, the power, the energy...

Jellybean: You have to pay for energy?!

Me: Yes, hon, you do...

Jellybean: Mom... (wish she still called me 'mama'; her sweet voice uttering that word was music to my mama ears but alas, she thinks almost 10 is too old to call me that now... {insert pouty face here})

Mom... (her little voice trailed off) do you, um, want me to sit down?

Me: (trying not laugh out loud at her innocence) Yes, baby, you should probably sit down.  I think your energy quota has been used up for the month...

How long do you think I can get away with that one? {GRIN}

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I just spent a great deal of time trying to share my heart through a blog post.  I re-read it and, as much as I tried to show my heart and my desires and my passion through it, the words just sounded preachy and judgemental...

...And I never, EVER want to come across that way.

God, show me how to share my heart, that my passion and zeal would be protrayed as such and not as judgement. That my words will NEVER, EVER, EVER misrepresent who You are!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You know the White Rabbit...?

Yes, the one from Alice in Wonderland.

This week I have felt somewhat like him.  I haven't been running around  crying, "I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!" but, I have been running around so much that I feel like I am never getting to where I am supposed to be.  A lot has been done - a lot of very productive things. It's just that this week seems to have had a snowball effect: do one thing and it results in a few more boxes to check off on my to-do list. 

It has been great!  I love being productive and all the things I have done or need to do yet are neccessary and a joy to do so there is no stress in my running. It just seems endless...

And that's ok. It's for a season.  Each night I am being refreshed by wonderful sleep - even if it isn't for as long as I think it should be...

Some of the highlights (which will be written about in some form or another in the next few days)
Going on a trip with a few youth to a neighboring town (and all the deer we saw - hundreds!)
Going to The City to see Rush (and meeting her boyfriend)
Going on a date with my husband
Our quest to find furikake without even knowing what it was or looked like
A conversation with Jellybean about what our worship means to God
An impromptu church service

And that is not all...

it has been a great, full week which has meant that this (the blogging part) of my life was putting on silent mode... perhaps for a few days more.  I really am not sure.
Just wanted to let you know, I am not ignoring you.  Really.  It's not you.  It's me.  I promise... Let's be friends...

Oh, wait...wrong conversation. {grin} I will be back, with lots to say, and ready to read all that has been going on in your lives.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

How Beautiful

Last night was a beautiful night of prayer at our church. The presence of God was so sweet and pure. The children began praying for people and I heard my children's voices crying out for people to not leave there the same way they came in, for hope to come, for lives to be changed.

And then a two year old boy began to pray, with a voice so bold, so confident for the fire of God to come...

Last night, my life was changed...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


when they fight

I force myself to completely ignore them, hoping to "force" them to work it out.

Sometimes they don't
and we need to get involved and mediate...

and sometimes...

they bring closure to their fights in such a beautiful way...

Like tonight, when they decided, on their own, that it would be a much better use of their time to go downstairs to write songs to God instead of fighting...

Would it be too much of me to ask for them to not be arguing over gets to do the writing and who is going to play the drums...?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday Night

we watched a skit at our church service - a service geared toward our youth this particular weekend.

I found myself bawling uncontrollably not only out of grief by the visions that flooded my mind but also by the fact that Jesus is fighting for my child, for my Rush right now against these things that are fighting her as we speak. He always has been and He will not stop until it ends...

This video was a visual reminder to me of the hope that we have in Him, that I, as a mom to a child who has run from everything (me, her dad, her brothers/sisters and mostly God), have that Jesus is interceding on behalf of MY CHILD!!! But not only that, but that the changes that are in her are not neccessarily her but these things that come to steal, rob, and destroy. 

I choose to stand with Jesus, not that He needs help, but I choose to stand and fight for my child!!!

I pray you find hope and reassurance.


Technically, it's not new - given the fact that it was made in 1999 but, it is new to me and far better than the car I was driving, the car I non-affectionately referred to as the Regurjamobile on this blog a few times & in life daily.

The old car had problems that far exceeded your desire to read listed on my blog {not kidding!} and, while my husband was trying to get it fixed, I have driven this car for 2 years too long! We have had it for two years.  Aside from the mechanical issues of the car, I disliked the fact that I drove it given the fact that it was within the confines of this car that a "dear friend" of ours, a young lady we had befriended, decided to speak against us and feed, water and help nurture the contempt that Rush had towards us and where other things are speculated to have happened (such as providing her with alcohol etc). But anywhoodles...

The "new" car... is a 1999 Grand Marquis, metallic red, power everything, the interior makes it look as if no one ever sat in it - ever! It runs like a dream! Seriously!  I am not kidding.  So that, my friends, is my new car.  I have no photos of it, at this moment, perhaps...  But I am so excited and... I have never, ever had a car in MY name before!  Never, ever...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sometimes it's hard

to do what is right.  Sometimes it is hard to hear/see/encounter something and not react out of your emotions.

I was going to explain the whole situation that I am in the midst of but I do not believe in bringing dishonor to my husband.  Let's just say that it is nothing real serious & has to do with our current vehicle situation.  It may change. I hope it does as I have a chance to buy a car, make payments on it (whatever amount per month I want to make) with no interest at all from someone very near and dear to my heart so I know this is a legit deal that will not fall through.

All that to say that sometimes it is hard to do what we know God would want us to or to react the way He would want us.  It would have been very easy for me to have sat down at the computer and gone off about how I feel about this situation (& my husband) right now but chances are great that I would have typed something that I would later regret, didn't really mean and wished I could take back.

Thank you, God for giving me the insight, the foresight and the wisdom to realize that this is not that big of a deal, that I do not wish to bring dishonor to my husband by saying negative things about him and that this, among many other things, will all work out.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bug had a bug,

a viral infection to be exact and that, my dear friends is why it has been so silent here the last few days.  Daddy has been on sick duty during the day; I am still on my probationary period at work so I don't have sick days yet.  He does.  We didn't need the lost income if at all avoidable.  So... Daddy stayed home with the Buginator during the day.  I snuggled with him during the evening - my dear Bug with his on again off again 101.8 degree fever.  After the third day of struggling to get his fever down, we took him in for diagnosis "viral infection".

So needless to say, this week has consisted of lots of snuggles, stories, songs, dry toast, bananas, baths and "sick" laundry. I would have to say, if there to ever be a silver lining to sick children, it would be the snuggles - not that I wouldn't prefer the snuggles without the sickness. Hands down I so would!

I lost my glasses on the weekend.  I know! I don't need them all the time.  You see I have perfect vision but, I have an astigmatism which doesn't allow my eye to focus properly and so, they tire out very easily.  That being said, my eyes are now rejoicing because I have chosen 2 new fun frames and they will be ready sometime early next week.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Reids

A wonderful family, my next door neighbors, friends of ours and our youngest son's "betrothed" (oh yes, they love each other SO much.  He has even painted her toenails for her. I am NOT kidding).

Take a look at these and then look forward to the newborn baby photos that will be coming a few months.  I know! I am excited!


to get all the photos I want to edit from the past three photoshoots done in the next couple of days.

to get some of the last photoshoot on here.

to get the other two families their cds/usb drives very soon.

to get on-line inspiration for the impending newborn photoshoot I will be doing with one of the aforementioned families.

to get my voice back (so thankful for the minimal sign language I do know and the fact that Jellybean can translate for me! Stupid laryngitis) - you know before tomorrow when I am supposed to sing (back-up) at church and bring the testimonies to our congregation... Think they will lose ooomph if brought to them by someone who sounds like an oompa loompa?

my Bug will be all right.  His big cousin left, again, yesterday.  Moved to another province - again. He didn't sleep well last night, is crying at the drop of a hat and is currently sleeping on the couch after crying his little peepers out.

to get groceries today.  {how long will Bug sleep}

to get some school sandwiches made and frozen and some breakfast burritos done too...

What are you hoping to get accomplished this weekend?