Friday, October 22, 2010

How Funny is THAT?!!?

I've been saving this little story - not because I wanted to deny you its hilarity but because I seemed to always forget about it or have something else more imminent and timely.

WARNING: This story is quite funny and I would like to pre-warn every reader to put any beverage they may (or may not have) down, swallow what beverage or food item may (or may not) be in their mouths before continuing.  Consider yourself warned.  I am no longer legally responsible for any damage to monitors, keyboards, ipods, etc.

I was paying bills the other day, on-line as I always do, when Jellybean came up to me and asked what I was doing.
Me: Paying bills, honey.

Jellybean: Ugh, why do we have to pay bills anyway!?  What kind of bills are you paying?

Me: Paying the water, the phone, the power, the energy...

Jellybean: You have to pay for energy?!

Me: Yes, hon, you do...

Jellybean: Mom... (wish she still called me 'mama'; her sweet voice uttering that word was music to my mama ears but alas, she thinks almost 10 is too old to call me that now... {insert pouty face here})

Mom... (her little voice trailed off) do you, um, want me to sit down?

Me: (trying not laugh out loud at her innocence) Yes, baby, you should probably sit down.  I think your energy quota has been used up for the month...

How long do you think I can get away with that one? {GRIN}

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