Saturday, October 2, 2010


to get all the photos I want to edit from the past three photoshoots done in the next couple of days.

to get some of the last photoshoot on here.

to get the other two families their cds/usb drives very soon.

to get on-line inspiration for the impending newborn photoshoot I will be doing with one of the aforementioned families.

to get my voice back (so thankful for the minimal sign language I do know and the fact that Jellybean can translate for me! Stupid laryngitis) - you know before tomorrow when I am supposed to sing (back-up) at church and bring the testimonies to our congregation... Think they will lose ooomph if brought to them by someone who sounds like an oompa loompa?

my Bug will be all right.  His big cousin left, again, yesterday.  Moved to another province - again. He didn't sleep well last night, is crying at the drop of a hat and is currently sleeping on the couch after crying his little peepers out.

to get groceries today.  {how long will Bug sleep}

to get some school sandwiches made and frozen and some breakfast burritos done too...

What are you hoping to get accomplished this weekend?

1 comment:

  1. Poor Bug! That is a hard thing. And poor mama, hope you feel better soon.
    My mom is visiting this week, so we will do lots of touristy stuff:O) And our first new staff class, at GFA!!!
    Have a good week!