Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bug had a bug,

a viral infection to be exact and that, my dear friends is why it has been so silent here the last few days.  Daddy has been on sick duty during the day; I am still on my probationary period at work so I don't have sick days yet.  He does.  We didn't need the lost income if at all avoidable.  So... Daddy stayed home with the Buginator during the day.  I snuggled with him during the evening - my dear Bug with his on again off again 101.8 degree fever.  After the third day of struggling to get his fever down, we took him in for diagnosis "viral infection".

So needless to say, this week has consisted of lots of snuggles, stories, songs, dry toast, bananas, baths and "sick" laundry. I would have to say, if there to ever be a silver lining to sick children, it would be the snuggles - not that I wouldn't prefer the snuggles without the sickness. Hands down I so would!

I lost my glasses on the weekend.  I know! I don't need them all the time.  You see I have perfect vision but, I have an astigmatism which doesn't allow my eye to focus properly and so, they tire out very easily.  That being said, my eyes are now rejoicing because I have chosen 2 new fun frames and they will be ready sometime early next week.

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