Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For those of you who pray, please? For those of you who don't, whatever you do...please?

I am not going to say for who and I am not going to name the possibility of what because I don't want to cause alarm amongst anyone, including myself until we know but, your prayers are coveted for a very dear young lady I know.

According to her parents she has not been healing from minor scratches and bumps, not sleeping, she has been excessively pale and sluggish and has a bizarre bone and/or joint issue that no one is certain about and other symptoms.

Her parents are trying not to worry about her until they are able to get her into see her family doctor this Friday.  Parents' imaginations can go out of control when there is something seemingly wrong with their child's health. Please pray for them, for quick answers and for a complete turn around in the health of this dear girl's body.

Thank you, warriors!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Cleaning?

Heck no! I like to call it Spring Purge.  I went through my bedroom today - ok, I am still going through my bedroom but it was getting lonely in there and I just neeeded a bit of a blog break. Blame me? No. Didn't think so. {Grin}

I have gotten rid of SO much stuff in there it is... well, shameful really.  You see, I tend to prioritize my cleaning in order of visibility, guest visibility to be more precise and ours too I guess.  How much time to we spend in our room? How much time of that is spent with our eyes open to see the rubble around us the clutter piling up? Sadly, our bedroom is, then, the very last place on the face of the planet in our home & yard to see organization... heck, let's be real...a broom and dustpan even.

Soooo, today I plopped myself in that room and I vowed to have it ship shape by bedtime tonight. I had a few distractions so I may be pushing bedtime back a smidge... I purged clothes (I still have pants that can go but, I need to replace them with something before getting rid of them), I purged papers and boxes and books and...the list continues...but now, although I truthfully have a few more things to get off my bed as that was the master sorting area, the improvement is almost "bus driver, move that bus" shocking. If Ty Pennington were here with grandiose gestures and shouting, I am sure we would all be crying at the "big reveal".

Alas, I was too ashamed of the state of said room to take any before pictures (no one ever siad I wasn't genuine) so the effect of any after photos will be lessened. You know, if I take any after photos.  They can't even be classified as "after" since there was no "before". They could only be "currently" and who has ever heard of that!?

Hoping to get my basement done soon.  In need of time to purge that and get some shelving units and all that jazz to declutterify our ugly basement...yep...uuuugly! It is an unfinished basement and in a clutterific of a mess. Moving may be the only fix for that... :-D

Monday, April 25, 2011

And then she made me cry

Went to visit Rush for Easter...

She made me cry...

Not in a bad way either.  She didn't do anything hurtful or mean or say anything nasty or the like. No, what she said was beautiful and heartfelt and touching and made me cry.

Rush wants a tattoo.

Now, most parents would be freaking out, especially any Christian parents I know, would freak right out over this fact. NOT A TATTOO!!!!  What can I say to her wanting a tattoo? I have one and I want another.  My husband has two and wants another. How can I condemn her for something I have? She got a nose ring.  I found that funny because so do I.

Anyway, back to the tattoo that she wants...

She wants to get a tattoo of a monarch butterfly.  Why? Because I have a tattoo of a monarch butterfly with the konji for Faith. Her reasoning...she wants a tattoo that will honor the mending relationship that she & I have. She told her dad that her & my relationship has never been better. We held each other and cried - happy tears of restoring relationships.

In honor of this new level of restoration, I may get some touch-ups to mine and, perhaps, add something for my Rush - and I know just the thing some blue flowers...

I am certain I heard a couple of you gasp but that's ok... {grin}

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The salad is made

"What salad?" you may be asking.

The salad we are taking to The City tomorrow after church when we go celebrate Easter with our Daughter Rush, my mom, my step-dad, my brother and his family and my sister and hers!

THAT is what salad.

What kind of salad?
Oh so glad you asked.  It is ever so yummy.
Field Greens and Herbs organic mix (presidents choice brand)
dried cranberries
walnut crumbs
crumbled feta
canned mandarine orange segments (broken)
Kraft signature olive oil Tuscan Italian dressing

Great just like that or with grilled steak or chicken.... yumalicious!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bits n Bytes

*there is still snow on the ground but not very much; it is melting very quickly.

*one of the joys to this province we live in is that we have snow and/or cool to cold weather for 9 months of the year. Not cool but what can you do aside from moving (and I am not up for that at this season in my life)?

*these April snows (and sometimes the May snows -shudder) are perfect for snowball fights and, if enough falls, snowmen! That is s abig plus!

*Bug got sick two nights ago - very sick, very suddenly and was one pretty wiped out little boy.  His only symptoms were an incredibly high fever, no appetite and those wonderful nightmares that come with fevers. To have my boy sleep all through the day, you know the little munchkin is down and out, health-wise.

*The end of July is getting closer and closer and I need to get my butt in gear working on our family tree book.  It has gotten as much attention from me as y'all have the past couple weeks.  I have quite a few days off in the upcoming week for Easter so I should be able to make quite a dent in my workload!

*Tomorrow we are going to a friend's house for a Newfie Jiggs Dinner! Yumalicious!!!  Any of you (besides my friend, Spin) know what that is?

*Sunday, right after church, we are leaving to go to "The City" and will be having Easter Dinner with Rush, my mom and step-dad, my sister and her boy and possibly my brother's family (I am not certain on that part though).  Looking forward to it! The Boyfriend may even be there depending on what his parents say; we had a nice visit with them on their anniversary when we took them out for sushi a few days ago.

*I need to get pictures on here again.  It has been a long time since I have uploaded any pictures! Yikes! Bad blogger...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What did I tell you!?

The VERY next day! What a roll I am on!!!

Anywho... funny story... (at least when you work for an eye surgeon)

Bug says to me the other day, as I am trying to take a nap: Mom, open your eyebulbs!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Time flies

And I am not even kidding one little bit.  14 days since I have been here heh? Yikes.  Bad blogger!!! Bad blogger!!! Now,if only there were some way I could rub my nose in the blog or something. {grin}

Work has been going great! I am, however, still learning to get and keep myself organized - between kids, their school, BigDaddy being gone so much, the hours at work, the family tree book I have been working on, church...there's not much time left but for sleeping.  Little by little, slow and is all coming together.  Meal plans, grocery lists, cleaning schedules, teaching Jellybean what she can do to help out with supper after school, etc.

Did I mention that the night time incontinence issue we were having at our house just dried itself up? {funny? not funny? my humor is in an odd state of being lately} Shortly after mentioning it a few months ago, it just stopped. No accidents since.  Yay!!!!

It snowed here again a few days ago... yep, snow...disappointing but, it has had its perks. Take for example, this instance that happened on Friday night when Bug and I were on our way home.  He was being goofy and I, joking with him, told him to quit or I would throw a snowball at him...he didn't believe me. I needed to become a woman of my word and BLAMO {cha! look it up - so a word -grin}, down goes the window, to the roof of my car goes my hand, grabbing a nice handful of snow which I then tossed at my son in the backseat and it hit the mark, landing softly right at his neck where it could escape down the collar of his coat... definitely a 3-pointer!!!

Just finished a week long conference at the church called Devoted to You.  My brain is still wrapping itself around all the things I have been learning throughout the conference... It was a great time!  I lost my voice...singing, praying... and it was worth every second!

I promise it will not be 14 days until my next bloggingness again... I don't want anyone to swat my nose with a rolled up newspaper or anything...yikes! :D

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Really...

...Spring!!!  It's really here! That makes me happy and warm and fuzzy... so kind of like bread left out on the counter, next to the window (minus the happy warm, fuzzy bread happy? Meh...)

I am getting more work done on the family tree I am working on.  I came up with a nice little form in Publisher that is helping me to neaten it up - ALOT. It almost looks - dare I say - professional...ISH. {GRIN}

Family pictures are rolling in and that makes me happy.

My son was given a new (to him) BMX bike; he was thrilled beyond comprehension and that makes me happy.

I work with some of the greatest gals I could ever ask to work with.  We have laughed together, cried together, laughed so hard we've cried together.  I couldn't be more thrilled with the friends I have made with my co-workers and that makes me happy.

Guess what?

I am happy.

But guess what else?

I am joyful and that would remain even if all the above things fell away.  My joy is not found in the happenings around me.  My joy is found in something much deeper.  I find my joy knowing that there is a mighty God interceding for me when "happy" isn't around, when easy can't be found, when money is tight, when things seem uncertain... of one thing I am certain... He brings me endless joy no matter the happenstance.

And I am still happy... :D

Saturday, April 2, 2011


week of work went great. Lots of learning.

Mental fatigue...

First chance to hop in some puddles this year.  Took advantage of it. Kids got soaked.

One is warming up in a hot bath right now...

First day of the rest of my life...

Gonna make it a good one. :)

Thinking of all of you...