Monday, April 18, 2011

Time flies

And I am not even kidding one little bit.  14 days since I have been here heh? Yikes.  Bad blogger!!! Bad blogger!!! Now,if only there were some way I could rub my nose in the blog or something. {grin}

Work has been going great! I am, however, still learning to get and keep myself organized - between kids, their school, BigDaddy being gone so much, the hours at work, the family tree book I have been working on, church...there's not much time left but for sleeping.  Little by little, slow and is all coming together.  Meal plans, grocery lists, cleaning schedules, teaching Jellybean what she can do to help out with supper after school, etc.

Did I mention that the night time incontinence issue we were having at our house just dried itself up? {funny? not funny? my humor is in an odd state of being lately} Shortly after mentioning it a few months ago, it just stopped. No accidents since.  Yay!!!!

It snowed here again a few days ago... yep, snow...disappointing but, it has had its perks. Take for example, this instance that happened on Friday night when Bug and I were on our way home.  He was being goofy and I, joking with him, told him to quit or I would throw a snowball at him...he didn't believe me. I needed to become a woman of my word and BLAMO {cha! look it up - so a word -grin}, down goes the window, to the roof of my car goes my hand, grabbing a nice handful of snow which I then tossed at my son in the backseat and it hit the mark, landing softly right at his neck where it could escape down the collar of his coat... definitely a 3-pointer!!!

Just finished a week long conference at the church called Devoted to You.  My brain is still wrapping itself around all the things I have been learning throughout the conference... It was a great time!  I lost my voice...singing, praying... and it was worth every second!

I promise it will not be 14 days until my next bloggingness again... I don't want anyone to swat my nose with a rolled up newspaper or anything...yikes! :D

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