Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Cleaning?

Heck no! I like to call it Spring Purge.  I went through my bedroom today - ok, I am still going through my bedroom but it was getting lonely in there and I just neeeded a bit of a blog break. Blame me? No. Didn't think so. {Grin}

I have gotten rid of SO much stuff in there it is... well, shameful really.  You see, I tend to prioritize my cleaning in order of visibility, guest visibility to be more precise and ours too I guess.  How much time to we spend in our room? How much time of that is spent with our eyes open to see the rubble around us the clutter piling up? Sadly, our bedroom is, then, the very last place on the face of the planet in our home & yard to see organization... heck, let's be real...a broom and dustpan even.

Soooo, today I plopped myself in that room and I vowed to have it ship shape by bedtime tonight. I had a few distractions so I may be pushing bedtime back a smidge... I purged clothes (I still have pants that can go but, I need to replace them with something before getting rid of them), I purged papers and boxes and books and...the list continues...but now, although I truthfully have a few more things to get off my bed as that was the master sorting area, the improvement is almost "bus driver, move that bus" shocking. If Ty Pennington were here with grandiose gestures and shouting, I am sure we would all be crying at the "big reveal".

Alas, I was too ashamed of the state of said room to take any before pictures (no one ever siad I wasn't genuine) so the effect of any after photos will be lessened. You know, if I take any after photos.  They can't even be classified as "after" since there was no "before". They could only be "currently" and who has ever heard of that!?

Hoping to get my basement done soon.  In need of time to purge that and get some shelving units and all that jazz to declutterify our ugly basement...yep...uuuugly! It is an unfinished basement and in a clutterific of a mess. Moving may be the only fix for that... :-D

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