Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am a wild party

and no, I am not channeling Kim Mitchell...

In less than one week these two, who you may remember, will be drawing ever closer to their wedding date... on Monday we celebrate with a bridal shower.

I have just completed the planning of the games for this grand event. I am... you guessed it... a wild party!

So what games, you may ask, did I plan to go with?
1. How well does the bride know the groom - a funny look into silly questions about the groom.  Ask him 20 questions before the shower and have the bride answer them.  See how well she knows her man.

2. Name that food - Pick 5-6 food items, write down the ingredients in each. Read the ingredients for each food item and see who gets the most items correct.

3. A word game using the words "bridal" and "shower". We are writing each word vertical on a paper (one on each side of the paper). The object of the game is to write the biggest word you can think of beginning with the one letter and ending with the other...1 pt per word; 2 pts if you think of one that has to do with weddings or bridal showers.

Three should be enough, heh? What do you think? What is your favorite games for bridal showers? Game #1 I have also seen where the bride-to-be has to put a piece of gum in her mouth for each wrong answer; I am not 100% sure about this because, while it can be funny, I am not certain it is an entirely honorable way to treat someone but that could just be me...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just do

Re-structuring our basement...it looked like the garbage dump had thrown up...I only wish I were kidding. I did NOT take any "before" pictures as I am certain my camera would have broken. Again, wish I were kidding. 

We moved in here fast which means we packed and unpacked even faster.  Things have run amuck and these places are small...the basement just had things crammed into it...piled precariously with hopes nothing would fall...

Well, I have thought about it and thought about it...ran ideas through my head, himmed and hahed about what I could/should do... Today I began to just do. I have thrown out a couple boxes of stuff, a big black garbage bag and have one more of those to go in the trash right now.  I moved a few things around and I am on the way to having an area where the kids can bring their few toys (namely Bug can as Jellybean doesn't play toys too often...she is "10 and a half you know".. There is a spot where they can sit and read if they want to or at least bring the book up to their room without having shelves of books in their teeny little rooms. 

I will put after pictures up once it is complete...this may be awhile as we need to buy shelving units to safely pile our rubbermade bins of stuff...

I only wish I were kidding about how bad this is...but it will get better...each item I throw out helps...right...right...?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Prayers for a community destroyed

by wild fires. This town has been leveled by raging fires - destroying countless homes, businesses, dreams...
I have spent most of today on facebook with a friend of mine who lives in Alberta, the province this is happening, organizing a clothing drive to send donations with her mom to help as much as we can, at this time.

I have lost my home in a fire...I know how that feels.  I have never lost my enitre town to one... I can not imagine how much greater the loss and devestation must seem to them right now.

I ask that you will join with me in praying for Slave Lake residents and the despair and clean up they face.n Help is coming from all across Canada.  If you are wanting to help, please contact your local Red Cross, Salvation Army... there are numerous donation drop-off spots across Alberta, just click here to find one near you (if you are from Alberta).

I pray that their faith does not fail them... that their hope is renewed and strengthened by the generosity of Canada, by the prayers of their peers, by a nation rallying around them...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just chillin'

Hangin' around outside the townhouse...my girl, Jellybean was a little shutterbug for a day...

The post in which I give you what I promised

A photograph of me in my wedding dress out in public this past Friday night and I promise it is on this very post.

What was the event?

I am so glad you asked...well...one of you did. I'm certain of it (grin).  It was the 50th birthday and 20 year anniversary of ministry in the north to our Pastor.

Pastors and leaders came, or sent videos, from all across North America.

Our local Bond, James Bond...from CRC

Youth coming to celebrate their pastor

This is a picture of all the pastors from the area who were able to attend (11 in all although two are somewhat hidden in the picture)

A Messianic Jewish leader.

 Here's a not-so-good picture of me in the dress as I am scrunching down to "snuggle' my dear friend Riss

Me and two of my girls!!!

It was such a great night! Celebrating a man who pours so much of his life out for so many and celebrating what God has done in his life so far - knowing there is so much more to come!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

You're wearing what?!

Tomorrow we have a function, a get-together that I can not name at this time due to secrecy issues that I will most probably be wearing my wedding dress to.  Yes, it still fits, thank you very much (due, in part to the fact that I was 4 months pregnant when I got married).
It was a very simple wedding dress - Kate would definitely not have been wearing my dress and I am wearing it out and in public 11 years later.

(oh how happy I would have been to have tried it on and it not fit... you know, like being too big... sigh)

Excited about tomorrow. I will fill you in on all the goods in a couple days!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


We've had a lot of sermons in the last few weeks about devotion and "nobody's perfect".  What has really struck me though all of the messages is that we as Christians (and even those who view Christians from "outside {for lack of a better word}) view ourselves and other Christians through this preconceived notion that we must be perfect; we can NEVER make mistakes.  As soon as someone makes a mistake I hear people all around, from all walks of life, say things like 'and they call themselves a Christian...' or 'obviously they just aren't as devoted as they should be...'

I would like to pose a question. Ok, maybe a series of questions. {grin}

How many of us have watched the Olympics?

How many of us have admired them for their dedication and devotion to their sport?

Let's take figure skating for example because...well, because that's what I thought of first.

Sally is a figure skater. She goes to the rink every morning at 5 AM to practice for 2-3 hours/day (5-6 days a week). She eats the right foods, goes to bed early, misses people's birthdays or other special gatherings if they conflict with her skating schedule or competitions. Sally does all these things and we call her, with admiration, extremely devoted to figure skating.

Sally makes it to the Olympics. Wow! There's a whole other level of devotion to get there, is there not?  During Sally's routine she snags her pick in the ice and falls in the midst of one of her jumps, landing firmly on ice, sliding into a not-so-perfectly executed routine. Does that make her any less devoted to figure skating?

What do we do when Sally graciously rises to the occassion, gets herself back in time with the beats on the sound system and carries right on with the rest of her routine? We applaud. We shout 'good for you! Don't let that little mistake bring you down! Keep your eye on the prize!"

What do we, too often, do when that person who catches their pick in the midst of life and finds themselves sprawling across the ice is a Christian? All too often I think we will find ourselves hearing, or saying 'and they call themselves a Christian' or 'who do they think they are coming here?' or 'what kind of a Christian would do that'... We know all the accusatory words that have been hurled at us or towards someone else (perhaps even by us).

Why can't we simply say 'Keep your eye on the prize!' as they pick themselves up, brush the snow off their backsides, and attempt to get themselves back into rhythm with the music coming from the sound system? Nobody's perfect. Let's compare, briefly, Saul and David from The Bible: both men did terrible things but God called David a man after His own heart. Why him and not Saul? David had a different heart response than Saul and David was quick to repent for the wrongs he did.

I think we need to change our outlook on perfection and our outlook on devotion because, afterall, isn't devotion, simply, moving forward and increasing? Does being devoted mean you will never make a mistake? Let's look at the devoted life of an athlete and see if we can change our mindsets (and our judgements...)

*Rush, sorry if we ever made you feel like you couldn't fall, like you had to live flawlessly, like you couldn't measure upp, like there were expectation you could never live up to. We never meant for it to come across like that; we are still learning in this thing called life - just as you are. We only meant to save you from the mistakes we have made ourselves... We don't expect perfection, never have. We simply didn't know how to "save" you from those mistakes effectively.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Just got word back and the precious young lady I asked you to pray for has a complete and perfect bill of health!!! Thank God!!!
Thank you for your prayers on behalf of her family and her!