Monday, May 23, 2011

Just do

Re-structuring our looked like the garbage dump had thrown up...I only wish I were kidding. I did NOT take any "before" pictures as I am certain my camera would have broken. Again, wish I were kidding. 

We moved in here fast which means we packed and unpacked even faster.  Things have run amuck and these places are small...the basement just had things crammed into it...piled precariously with hopes nothing would fall...

Well, I have thought about it and thought about it...ran ideas through my head, himmed and hahed about what I could/should do... Today I began to just do. I have thrown out a couple boxes of stuff, a big black garbage bag and have one more of those to go in the trash right now.  I moved a few things around and I am on the way to having an area where the kids can bring their few toys (namely Bug can as Jellybean doesn't play toys too often...she is "10 and a half you know".. There is a spot where they can sit and read if they want to or at least bring the book up to their room without having shelves of books in their teeny little rooms. 

I will put after pictures up once it is complete...this may be awhile as we need to buy shelving units to safely pile our rubbermade bins of stuff...

I only wish I were kidding about how bad this is...but it will get better...each item I throw out helps...right...right...?

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