Friday, June 3, 2011

Where I've Been

I've been sick. Real sick. far as petty little sicknesses  like viral infections and colds/flus are concerned not as in something way more serious than that. 

But it had zapped all my energy, especially since BigDaddy has been gone.  There were still kids who needed fed and reminded to do homework and laundry and baths and...well, you have all been there. I needn't ramble on.

I was feeling well enough to, inspite of not being well enough to go to work, bring my laptop up to my room and get a very good start on the wedding powerpoint for J2s' wedding on June 18. That helped me to feel somewhat productive and feel a little better over the fact that the wedding is 16 days away and I had nothing started! "Almost done" feels way better than "what do I do first"...just sayin'.

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