Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Young Love (a photo shoot)

I have yet to edit these as I just took them Sunday afternoon and I haven't had much home time since but I love, love, LOVE these photos - not neccessarily because they are outstanding, must-see shots but, simply because of the two people in them.

I have loved Justin since he became LB's best friend over 10 years ago now. He has become like a son to us and a brother to our youngest two children. He is {adopted} family; he is also church family.  Jayda once was inseperable from Rush; the two were joined at the hip. She too was heart-broken when Rush left.  We became quite fond of our dear Jayda.  She lovingly called us her "cowboy parents" and herself our "indian daughter". It is a running joke amongst our families and most certainly a term of endearment and of absolute love and respect.

Anywho, these two have fallen head-over-heals in love with each other and wedding bells are iminent...



Monday, November 29, 2010

Talked to my girl today

It was great to hear her voice.  She called to wish Jellybean a happy belated birthday; she had written the dates of Jellybean's and BigDaddy's birthdays down wrong, I guess.

Anyway, we got to talk to her for a bit.  It was so nice to talk without there being  reservations or hearing the guardedness in her voice.

I love that girl to pieces!

Now on to a busy week. BigDaddy is gone away on business again. At least this time it is only until Wednesday night.  Miss him all ready...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hellooooo down there!!!!

Yeah, you!  That's right.... you!  All my American friends!  You know who you are. You are the ones you are wanting to nap because you ate too much turkey, too much stuffing, too much of your granny's sweet potatoes, too much pumpkin pie and had too much visiting with your family (wait, that doesn't happen does it?).

Anyway, now that I have gotten your attention, or interupted your turkey-induced nap...


Your Canadian friends happened to be at work today... thinking about your turkey dinners and pecan pies and all that delicious goodness... Oh and some of us happened to be wearing football jerseys to work because our boss is a football fan and this weekend is Grey Cup weekend.  FYI: when your boss is the football fan, make sure you where his favorite team's jersey...

Pictures to follow...as soon as I get off my duff, get them off my camera, watermark added, blah, blah, blah...

Ok, end rant, carry on rifling through the fridge for that last piece of pumpkin pie... and don't forget an extra large dollop {LOVE that word} of whipped cream! YUMMAY!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Jellybean is turning 10 on Friday (Wait a cotton-picking minute!!!!  My baby is gonna be 10!?  Someone pass me a paper bag; I just may be hyperventilating! {grin})

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Jellybean is turning 10 and she all ready has some of the greatest friends in the world!  I am not exaggerate or stretching the truth here in any way, shape or form.  In fact, I will let you be the judge.

Due to our up-coming trip to the States to see her brother, we, as a family, decided to forego a big friends birthday party and she will, at some point, have a friend go with us to the wave pool. Her friends decided that that would not do and they began to plot and conspire to have a party for Jellybean. (Keep in mind that these girls are 12 years old and younger - NO JOBS)  They took a poll of their classmates to secretly find out what Jellybean's favorite pizza, chips and pop (soda) are. (yes, I just ended a sentence with a verb! My english teacher always HATED that)

Now, they were in a pickle because they had no means of buying this stuff. So these young girls began shovelling people's sidewalks, raising money to surprise my daughter with a birthday party! {As a matter of fact, I am crying! Thankyouverymuch!} They bought a cake mix and a mint aero chocolate bar to crumble on the cake as decoration and got the one girl's mom to bake it, got her over to the house by telling her that they had clothes to give her and voila! SURPRISE!!!!!   A party in their basement for my darling Jellybean! 

They even decorated the basement with Christmas lights...

These are good kids!!  Darn good kids!!!  The honor, the respect, the love that Jellybean and her friends have for each other and others melts me into a big ole' puddle of goop!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

5-Question Friday and a bit of a mama brag

Mama brag moment first, you know, 'cuz its  my blog and dat's how I roll, baby! (not neccessarily how I talk but whatever. {grin})

Report card day today and my two cute, little, angelic, never do anything wrong, cherub-like...what?  Oh, was I day-dreaming again? Ahem.  Thankyouverymuch! Let me continue in like reality... my two cute, respectable, try their very best to do what is right (youngest) children got their report cards today and...

I would like a drum-roll puhlease!!!!

Jellybean got a 92.12% overall average and Bug got a 95.19% overall average. Yup, they get their brains from me {grin}; well, and their dad to...fine... {ha ha ha}

Anyways, let's get on with this week's 5-question friday brought to you by the lovely MamaM

1. What Christmas song do you loathe?

"Here comes Santa Claus".  Do you think it was a coincidence that as I typed that my fingers got carried away and typed before my brain thought and I typed Satan Claus - ha ha ha... Oh, "Blue Christmas"... whine whine whine.... Bluuuuuuuuuuue Christmas without youuuuuuuuuuu.... sulk, sulk, sulk.... And here's where the hate mail starts to come, right...  I'm sorry! Sorry I tell you!!!  It makes my toenails curl and my muscles tense up and then I need a motrin and then I need a massage.  Massage!?  Hmmm.....

2. Do you and your significant other cuddle at night or sleep on opposite sides of the bed?
Well, to answer you truthfully, both.  Yes, both.  We start off cuddling and then we have to sleep me on my right and him on his left... facing the OUTSIDE of the bed.  Doesn't bode well for snuggling.... {sigh}
However, I attempt to make up for that by taking an ample portion of the bed.  Er, I mean, he enjoys snuggling anyway so I do him the favor of moving over slightly... yeah, that's right.

3. Have you ever had surgery?
Yes, I have 4 as a result of children and then having my tonsils removed - best hospital stay EVER!!!!  I was 5 and my auntie was head of the peds ward!  Can you say spoiled ROTTEN!!!????

4. When do you typically have your holiday shopping done?
I start in August - sometimes June or July.  THAT makes me sound on the ball and oh, so organized. Now, let me answer the question and tell you when I am done... Usually the week before... *hanging head in shame and kicking at an invisible clump of dirt*  Most years by the time I am done, I have purchased so much I didn't remember I had bought that I have a really good head start for birthdays the next year OR the following Christmas!!!  It's ingenius really.  REALLY!  {I mean it!}

5. If money were not an issue (and you HAD to pick something), what would your ultimate luxury item be?

Mmmmmmm, luxury item!  I heart me some luxury items.  Well, at least I assume I would since money IS an issue.  I pick massages! No! manicures/pedicures!  No!!! facials!  No! A maid! No! A chef! No! All the camera equipment I currently drool over, I mean covet... no, that didn't do much more for my character than the drooling... um, currently have placed on my wish list that I occassionally happen to glance ever-so-longingly casually at.  A log cabin? How 'bout my own not-too-big-slightly-bigger-than-big-enough home with big yard perhaps on an acreage? OH!  And a nice car or two with his and her Harley Davidsons (only I want mine to be pearl and sparkly - a girl still needs bling even on a hog!)  How about the one luxury item is just a compilation of everything on my list...  please...?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A place to hang on to

for some is grief.  We all do it - some just hang on longer.  It seems the longer we hold onto the grief, the longer we think we are holding on to the one we have lost.

I don't say this out of judgement towards anyone because we are all at different places in our lives with different strengths and different abilites and coping skills. I say this because 11 years ago tomorrow, my youngest brother-in-law was killed in a car accident.  When I think about it, I still remember the feeling I got in the pit of my stomach as I answered the phone in those wee hours of the morning, how I knew something was about to happen to alter our lives forever before I even said "hello".

He was 23 years old when his car flipped into a swamp on a very icy Canadian gravel road.  His friend tried to get his seatbelt undone but he couldn't.  He yelled my brother-in-law's head above water for as long as he possibly could before he realized that he desperately needed to run to the neighboring farm in order to get help.  He had to make a decision to let go. It was the hardest decision of his life. 

My in-laws have never, ever gotten over it.  They have pictures of him everywhere in their home - not a single one of their two sons who remain living.  This hurts my husband and his brother immensely (but is not the point).

No parent should EVER have to bury their child - EVER.

My children miss the uncle they have only known through stories and pictures and who Jellybean is named after in one aspect.  They have living uncles who have shown them how wonderful having an uncle is and so, through the love they have and have been given by these two, the kids miss what they have never known.

While this time of year comes up and rears its head as a vicious reminder to my husband of what has been lost, I can say that he doesn't allow that spirit of grief to rule him as I have seen and experienced others do.  We do miss our brother and tomorrow we shall think of him and remember him with much love and fondness and share stories with our children of who he was and the kind of person he was but we can not hang onto the grief... it will do nothing more than eat at any joy we find in our lives because that is how grief operates.

We love you, Peach!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Well, color me stupid!

Altenately titled: A new shade of red.

So there I sat this evening in my car, my two beautiful children sitting in the backseat, at a 4-way stop.  And there I continued to sit as if waiting for some invisible light to turn green... and waited...

...and waited...

....and waited...

for an undetermined length of time. I am thinking about 5-10 minutes.

You know, until someone pulled up behind me and I became painfully aware that I had just sat at a 4-way stop for quite some time.

At least I wasn't sleeping at a red light though... like the time I had worked a double 12-hour shift (a few years ago).  The light turned red; I stopped the car and my blinks got longer and longer until they stopped... {sheepish, guilt-ridden grin} I really don't know how long I stay stopped at the light...  Thankfully, it was very early in the morning so there was no traffic.

It is finished

Complete. Over. Done...

The conference we just had at our church that is. It's all over but yet there is still so much more learning that I will be doing in regards to what was taught.

I will be chewing on this for days - weeks even. (horrible mental image of a cow chewing her cud. You are welcome for the sharing of magical imagery)

It was exhausting. I don't even mean the lack of sleep but the changes that have occurred in my life, thought processes, mind sets... I. Am. Pooped! There is a mental exhaustion that has set in yet my mind and spirit are so wound up I can't begin to settle and allow sleep to come.

I am going to put this IPod away for now. Yes, I am sitting on the edge of my bed typing this after a failed attempt at sleep - merely hoping having an outlet will allow me to sleep and, oh perchance to dream!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Twisted Tales

So Rush fell down a flight of stairs after missing a couple at the very top.  She has twisted her ankle and is in need of using crutches.

She decided that instead of telling the embarrassing story of how it actually happen, she would twist her twisted ankle tale to make it a fair bit more intresting albeit a downright fib. {grin}
She is, jokingly, telling people that she hurt it while skydiving and her parachute failed to open. "I'm lucky to be alive..."

What a kid!

Same day, she slammed her hand in a glove box.  Yeppers, she is cute. Graceful? Hardly!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My house smells


The other day I bought these Renuitz Amber Vanilla Crystals and put a containter in one room of each level of my house.  It smells so nice and homey and welcoming in here now.  I love opening the door to smell my home after a long day of work.  It's almost as nice as walking in to smell that supper has been made! {grin}

They aren't too terribly strong and you can increase or decrease the strenght of the scent simply by adding or removing some of the crystals until you have reached your desired scent intensity.  These little crystals are made out of colored and scented sea salt but you will want to keep them out of reach of small children - especially those of the age who like to put things in their mouths. The scent on these crystals apparently last 45 days but I have only had mine for approximately a week (so I don't know how long it will last).  According to their website, you can get these in Canada and the United States. What are you waiting for! 

Now, I think I am going to leave the house, you know, so I have an excuse to come back in and get a nice big whiff of that amber vanilla.  {wink}

P.S. There are quite a few different scents as well if Amber Vanilla just isn't your cup of tea.

*Disclaimer - I have not been endorsed or asked by Renuitz to write this review.  As a matter of fact, I doubt they will ever know it was even written or that anyone who even works there is aware of this teeny little family blog.

Friday, November 12, 2010

5-Question Friday

1. What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?

My first c-section, which was at a time when they didn't get you out of bed and moving until the next day.  My muscles had seized up and I was walking around like an ape!  (It just took me 4 times to spell which in the right sequence of letters - gah!).  The nurses kept laughing at me because I would move slightly each time I tried all the while chanting "baby steps...baby steps...)

2. How much sleep do you get at night?

Depends on the night but, most nights I get about 5-6 hours... my body actually wants 8-10.  I usually grunt and groan when the alarm goes off and tell my husband that I am allergic to being vertical...  Yep, he has not "bought" that excuse yet... {sigh}

3. How long did you believe in Santa Claus? How did you find out that he does not exist?

I think until I was 7.  I believe I just figured it out through my cousins and friends at school.

4. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?
Karate Kid with Jayden Smith... What a cutie!  He is definitely his father and mother's son.

5. What do you wear to bed?

I am boring... seriously, boring!  I wear cotton pj pants and a tank top.  In the winter, when the temperatures really drop and my husband still feels the need to sleep with the window open and the fan on {I! AM! NOT! KIDDING! I have woken up to find snow on my bedroom window and floor! CHAAA!} I have added a hoodie, wool socks and a toque (Oh wait, most of my readers are American and I am not sure if you know what a toque is - um, a knit cap?) to bed.

Check out more of the hilarity of 5-Question Friday at Mama M's! Yes, that IS an order! {grin}

Reveal to me who I have become!

To encounter God you need to encounter you and the things in you that are blocking Him.

{Make them known to me.  I want to know you more! Deeper.}

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Much ado about a lot of big things

Today, in Canada, is Remembrance Day.  Today we remember our loved ones and their friends who have and who continue to fight for something bigger than themselves.

Today, I remember my family who fought; I remember your family members/friends who have fought, who are continuing to fight, who have given up their lives, who have offered their lives.

Let us not forget!

Today begins the first day of a four-day conference we are having at CRC, Deep Calls Unto Deep.  I have butterflies in my stomach due to the anticipation I am feeling over what all is going to happen, how lives are going to be changed and impacted, including and especially my own!


Trying to plan Jellybean's 10th birthday.  A whole decade old! Double digits!  No turning back now, baby! The birthday party is to happen towards the end of this month, perhaps the beginning of December.  I guess we will see what our schedule and the schedules of her friends permits.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Temporary Fix!!!

I had the whole "bandwidth exceeded" message on my blog.  It only took me approximately a half hour to figure out it was not I who had exceeded bandwidth but the site I had gotten my template from.

I am currently in search of a new, fun template.  So for now, until such time as an appealing one is found, I leave you with slightly bland and boring, kind of jumbled up as far as lay-out of my stuff on the blog but, at least it isn't a bunch of squares saying "bandwidth exceeded update to pro". 

I happen to know that that is nearly impossible for me to do at this point - you know given the fact that I'm not exactly one of the "popular" kids.  {GRIN}

So crisis diverted.  Carry on with your night as planned.  I know I will now.

Organizing & scheduling

I am an organizer, a planner, a list-maker. I need a plan for everything: meal plans, cleaning schedules, work schedules, sitter schedules, bill payment schedules... the list is endless {another example of my list making need - grin}.  If I haven't got things planned, I feel absolutely lost.

But here's the thing...

...and the thing that has been a big pattern or mindset for me to be broken of...

I do not want to be one of those people who have an add-on God.  Yes. An add-on God.  You know where their life, their schedule, their desires are not inconvenienced at all for the sake of another? God is not an add-on to our lives.  We can not simply fit Him into our schedules by giving Him a bit of our time on Sundays. 

A lot of people, around here anyway, don't understand our way of thinking.  We get a lot of "well, don't you spend quality time together as a family?".

Let me answer that simply. Yes, we do spend quality time as a family.  The time we spend together draws us closer, makes us stronger, unifies us.  We worship God together. We have spent hours in our living room crying out, praying to God; we spend a food deal of time discussing what we have learned through our school work, meetings, teachings, devotions, dreams...

...we also snuggle on the couch, giggle, wrestle... the things other families feel is the "normal" way to spend this time.  Now, please don't read into my words.  I, by no means, feel that we are better than you because this is what we do but I do ask to not be judged due to the fact that I don't spend countless hours in a vehicle running my children to dance recitals and hockey practices and all those things that other families do and feel is a normal requirement of life.

Together, our family has chosen to leave our schedules open/pliable...  We have chosen to not fit Him into our lives but for Him to become our life!!!

We plan things with the knowledge that everything is subject to change but that that never means it is never happening - simply put on hold until the very next available time. I am so grateful for a family (especially my children) who have such a burning desire to do what they feel is right.

So I plan and organize to put ease on our family for sudden changes in plans, midnight hour knocks on our door from people who need help, conferences, etc. Making sure that I have a meal plan to ease that time burden, meals that can be cooked in our crock pot or frozen & pulled out, throwing a load of wash in the machine before we leave for work and putting it in the dryer while we eat, making a heap load of sandwiches to store in the freezer so we have the ability to simply come home and to bed after a late night.

I realize not everything can be prepared for in advance and some plans with my family can not be made up for but we choose to set aside our agendas for something much greater than ourselves.  We find it so rewarding and worth it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brought to tears by his "selfish" request

LB sent us a couple of texts. Texts that he preluded with "I hope this doesn't sound selfish but..."  They made BigDaddy & I cry. 

We are going to see him for Christmas.  He lives 24 hours straight driving away from us, across a national border and a time change.  That suddenly seems really far away.  Anyway, it has been 6 years since we have been with him or he has been with us for Christmas.  SIX years!  Way too long!

So his texts to us were to ask us if we could plan to have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with just him - none of our friends that live down there.  Yeppers, son.  I like the way that "selfish" text sounds. He is looking forward to his dad's homemade pizza and to my taco dip on Christmas Eve just like the "good ole days" when he lived at home.

I think the countdown is on in our house.

Monday, November 8, 2010

What are we teaching our daughters?

The other day my little, what's remaining at home, family went out for supper at a local fast food restaurant {shocking I know but yes, sometimes we do eat fast food at this house - because, well, there are times we are lazy or run out of time or because we just want to. The end.  GRIN}.

Anyway, I have barely begun my story and have all ready digressed.  {clearing throat, "Let's continue"}
So we are sitting at our little table eating our salad (yesireebob and it wasn't me eating it!), our baked potato and honey bbq boneless wings and our burgers & fries when a mom at a table near us begins to talk to her husband about her, at the moment, unseen daughter.  She is talking about this daughter's ex-boyfriend and her newest boyfriend and the entire time I am expecting to see some 19 year old girl stand up when they go to leave, judging by the conversation and the things this woman states about the relationships.

As they get up to leave, the child, yes, child, is about 12 years old!!!!

What are we saying to our daughters by encouraging them to have boyfriends and how to nastily treat their ex-boyfriends at the sweet, tender age of 12? I honestly do not understand the motivation or desire behind that.  My youngest daughter will be 10 in 3 weeks, 2 years younger than this girl and I can not imagine Jellybean living the life this young girl has.

I find it so sad and yet, I find it explains so much.  Why do we have so many teen moms?  Because if they date, kiss, hold hands, etc and have ex-boyfriends at 12 years old by the time they are 16 they have "been there done that" and are tired of it, looking for newness and... hello! Baby makes 2 and another ex-boyfriend to manipulate, degrade, humilate and flaunt in front of.

Not my daughter! Not the one I have any say in raising. My daughters did not have boyfriends for the sake of having a boyfriend, for the sake of peer acceptance, for the sake of noteriety or, what seems the case of the above mom, a mom living vicariously through the life of her pre-teenager. I have chosen, pledged and covenented (can you conjugate that? because it looks silly right now) to care about the path my daughters choose, to keep them set apart, to raise the standard and to do my utmost to bring them up with different standards for their life.

Let us make it more than a thing of the past to have a 12 year old who has not experienced more "life" than previous generations did by the age of 30. I don't plan to shelter my daughter but I do plan to raise her up with differenent standards and goals for her life...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bah Humbug!

Ok, not really! I love "the holiday season"; I mean Christmas.  I simply made that the title of this post because...

...we will not be putting up a tree this year.  Not because we think putting up a tree is "evil" or anything like that.  We aren't putting up a tree this year because, well one, we don't have one.  Our old tree (artificial) was so old and ratty looking that we decided it wouldn't come with us to the new place. Our home is treeless {oh, our poor, children! :D} and that's ok this year.  You know, since we aren't even going to be here on Christmas Day to "enjoy" a tree. (And that would be reason #2)

We decided, as a family, that it would be silly to spend the money on a new tree this year.  We are going to put up our snowmen and lights and whatever other decorations we have that do not involve a plastic evergreen. We will be wintery and glittery and festive and all the like... and of course, we will still have our Family Gingerbread House masterpiece to complete...

You know what I think I am looking forward to the most? I mean aside from the obvious of being with some of our favorite people.  Christmas at The Plaza, the outdoor mall - all decorated all pretty and sparkly and... not at all Scroogish or Grinchy.  Yay!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Textanese... my love language

You just made a face at your computer didn't you?  You know what kind of face I mean... the one that says "huh" and "that's kind of intriguing"...

Rush doesn't always initiate conversations with us.  If it weren't for texting and facebook I doubt we would talk - other than the spuradic visits that is. Sometimes it does seem like she could just keep going on without showing us that she is thinking of us at all. 

Now, I am not saying that to induce your mama's hearts so y'all feel sorry for me.  I am not looking for pity at all; pity does me no good.  I tell you this because I just want to set the stage as to why I said that textanese was my love language.

I will send texts to my girl everytime I think of her - a little note that says "I love you", "you are loved", "missing you", "morning/night", "have a great day"...  I may not have the ability to converse with her the way I want but I do still have the ability to converse with her and I want to make sure she knows each and every time I am thinking of her and that those thoughts are of nothing but unending, unchanging love.

{Rush, if you ever read this blog, you are loved - nothing is ever going to change that. I love you, baby girl!}

Friday, November 5, 2010


Two days ago my 7 year old son, who is the son of the head of security at our wonderful church {that would be my fabulous husband - just sayin' :P} was long in the face way to soon after hearing that he, along with his family, would be spending Christmas with his big brother. When we began to "pry" what was wrong he burst into tears, wondering who was going to make sure Pastor is okay while we were gone.

After an explanation that daddy is simply a tool that is used to help protect and aid and that he is not the sole protection/ "aider", Bug was able to calm down and realize that he had let his imagination run with him. Shortly after he looked at us with an inquisitive expression and asked, "When will God equip me to be a shield for Pastor and my friends?"

A shield: one who defends or protects.

From the depths of a 7 year old boy's mind...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Am I Equipped

to be his mother?

Sometimes I wonder that about Bug and Jellybean.  Am I really equipped to be their mom?  God, give me the wisdom, the knowledge, the clarityto be their mom; empower me and equip me.

I don't ask for this because they are some terrible, horrible, no-good kids that wear my energy and patience levels down to the red but because they are just the opposite.  They are not perfect.  I can't begin to claim they are.  However, for the most part, they are two very well behaved children who have moments of "not-ideal behavior" (pretty minor infractions really, but I digress).

I ask this because there are plenty of times that I just don't know if I have the answers that they need.  These two kids are CONSTANTLY thinking, pondering, "what if"-ing and how coming.  The most common phrases used in our house are "what does _________ mean?", "what if" and "why" and they are mainly with a spiritual or philosophical context.  {Usually at 5:30 AM when this mama's brain is still trying to convince her that she is allergic to vertical.}

And what does this creative, ever-so-wise mama answer to her lovelies? Most often, one of the following:

Go ask your dad.


Ask Pastor Kevin tonight.

I know. I can feel your seething jealousy of my creativity and well-informed answers from here {GRIN}

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In all the excitement

of being able to pay off our bills a funny thing happened. 

I didn't have our cell phone bill in front of me at the time so I just guesstimated at what the amount was.  It had been a couple of months and we have a couple of cell phones on it so I thought $220 would cover it and any residual "left-over monies that probably hadn't been paid.

This morning I wanted to make sure the balance would read zero when they received my payment so I gave them a call.  After a bunch of rigamaroll (yep, totally a word) because my name wasn't on the bill, just BigDaddy's so they wouldn't tell me (I had to pass my phone to him to confirm that "yes, this woman wanting to know the balance to pay the bill is my wife"), the gal on the other end of the phone informed me that our bill was $120. 

Guess, I inadvertently paid next month and a bit of January's cell phone bill.  Too bad they don't send you a nice letter in the mail opposite the one you get with the big red letters that reads "Final Notice".  Wouldn't it be nice if they sent you one that says "Extra Special Notice"?

Know what's nicer than having your bills balance at zero?  Finding out at least one of them is set in the negative dollar figure!

Zero Balance and a Trip to Excitment

Due to unforeseen happenings last month I was unable to do more than make token payment on any of our utility or phone bills. We were also in a place of owing our sitter half of her wage. That was a horrible spot to be sitting in. I loathe the feeling of owing people money. We knew the money would come. Just as we knew the money we had pledged to our church would come. Half of it had and then I lost my glasses, needed new ones and needed to use that money.

We never stopped believing it would come. Or at least neither my husband or I doubted for long or at the same time. Our money came but, before we got it a terrible thing happened to the people who planned to give.

Today $3000 of unsolicited monies came to us. Our pledge is fulfilled, our bill balances stand at 0. The money for the sitter is sitting in a safe spot for me to hand to her tomorrow AND...

We have enough money in savings that we will be driving down to Kansas City to spend Christmas with our son and dear friends!

God is our provider. He answers His promises with yes and amen.
My moments of doubt weigh heavy on my heart.

I will not doubt. With all He has done for us, how could I ever...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Uber busy moms, housewives, business women, house dads...

with your uber busy schedules do you micro-manage schedules in your house?

I'm working on implementing some major reconstruction to the sheduling infrastructure in this house. (using those words just made me feel incredibly powerful - grin)

Why re-invent the wheel? If you have a great idea "let 'er rip".  I mean, please do share!