Monday, November 22, 2010


Jellybean is turning 10 on Friday (Wait a cotton-picking minute!!!!  My baby is gonna be 10!?  Someone pass me a paper bag; I just may be hyperventilating! {grin})

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Jellybean is turning 10 and she all ready has some of the greatest friends in the world!  I am not exaggerate or stretching the truth here in any way, shape or form.  In fact, I will let you be the judge.

Due to our up-coming trip to the States to see her brother, we, as a family, decided to forego a big friends birthday party and she will, at some point, have a friend go with us to the wave pool. Her friends decided that that would not do and they began to plot and conspire to have a party for Jellybean. (Keep in mind that these girls are 12 years old and younger - NO JOBS)  They took a poll of their classmates to secretly find out what Jellybean's favorite pizza, chips and pop (soda) are. (yes, I just ended a sentence with a verb! My english teacher always HATED that)

Now, they were in a pickle because they had no means of buying this stuff. So these young girls began shovelling people's sidewalks, raising money to surprise my daughter with a birthday party! {As a matter of fact, I am crying! Thankyouverymuch!} They bought a cake mix and a mint aero chocolate bar to crumble on the cake as decoration and got the one girl's mom to bake it, got her over to the house by telling her that they had clothes to give her and voila! SURPRISE!!!!!   A party in their basement for my darling Jellybean! 

They even decorated the basement with Christmas lights...

These are good kids!!  Darn good kids!!!  The honor, the respect, the love that Jellybean and her friends have for each other and others melts me into a big ole' puddle of goop!!!

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