Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bah Humbug!

Ok, not really! I love "the holiday season"; I mean Christmas.  I simply made that the title of this post because...

...we will not be putting up a tree this year.  Not because we think putting up a tree is "evil" or anything like that.  We aren't putting up a tree this year because, well one, we don't have one.  Our old tree (artificial) was so old and ratty looking that we decided it wouldn't come with us to the new place. Our home is treeless {oh, our poor, children! :D} and that's ok this year.  You know, since we aren't even going to be here on Christmas Day to "enjoy" a tree. (And that would be reason #2)

We decided, as a family, that it would be silly to spend the money on a new tree this year.  We are going to put up our snowmen and lights and whatever other decorations we have that do not involve a plastic evergreen. We will be wintery and glittery and festive and all the like... and of course, we will still have our Family Gingerbread House masterpiece to complete...

You know what I think I am looking forward to the most? I mean aside from the obvious of being with some of our favorite people.  Christmas at The Plaza, the outdoor mall - all decorated all pretty and sparkly and... not at all Scroogish or Grinchy.  Yay!

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