Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In all the excitement

of being able to pay off our bills a funny thing happened. 

I didn't have our cell phone bill in front of me at the time so I just guesstimated at what the amount was.  It had been a couple of months and we have a couple of cell phones on it so I thought $220 would cover it and any residual "left-over monies that probably hadn't been paid.

This morning I wanted to make sure the balance would read zero when they received my payment so I gave them a call.  After a bunch of rigamaroll (yep, totally a word) because my name wasn't on the bill, just BigDaddy's so they wouldn't tell me (I had to pass my phone to him to confirm that "yes, this woman wanting to know the balance to pay the bill is my wife"), the gal on the other end of the phone informed me that our bill was $120. 

Guess, I inadvertently paid next month and a bit of January's cell phone bill.  Too bad they don't send you a nice letter in the mail opposite the one you get with the big red letters that reads "Final Notice".  Wouldn't it be nice if they sent you one that says "Extra Special Notice"?

Know what's nicer than having your bills balance at zero?  Finding out at least one of them is set in the negative dollar figure!

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