Friday, November 19, 2010

5-Question Friday and a bit of a mama brag

Mama brag moment first, you know, 'cuz its  my blog and dat's how I roll, baby! (not neccessarily how I talk but whatever. {grin})

Report card day today and my two cute, little, angelic, never do anything wrong, cherub-like...what?  Oh, was I day-dreaming again? Ahem.  Thankyouverymuch! Let me continue in like reality... my two cute, respectable, try their very best to do what is right (youngest) children got their report cards today and...

I would like a drum-roll puhlease!!!!

Jellybean got a 92.12% overall average and Bug got a 95.19% overall average. Yup, they get their brains from me {grin}; well, and their dad to...fine... {ha ha ha}

Anyways, let's get on with this week's 5-question friday brought to you by the lovely MamaM

1. What Christmas song do you loathe?

"Here comes Santa Claus".  Do you think it was a coincidence that as I typed that my fingers got carried away and typed before my brain thought and I typed Satan Claus - ha ha ha... Oh, "Blue Christmas"... whine whine whine.... Bluuuuuuuuuuue Christmas without youuuuuuuuuuu.... sulk, sulk, sulk.... And here's where the hate mail starts to come, right...  I'm sorry! Sorry I tell you!!!  It makes my toenails curl and my muscles tense up and then I need a motrin and then I need a massage.  Massage!?  Hmmm.....

2. Do you and your significant other cuddle at night or sleep on opposite sides of the bed?
Well, to answer you truthfully, both.  Yes, both.  We start off cuddling and then we have to sleep me on my right and him on his left... facing the OUTSIDE of the bed.  Doesn't bode well for snuggling.... {sigh}
However, I attempt to make up for that by taking an ample portion of the bed.  Er, I mean, he enjoys snuggling anyway so I do him the favor of moving over slightly... yeah, that's right.

3. Have you ever had surgery?
Yes, I have 4 as a result of children and then having my tonsils removed - best hospital stay EVER!!!!  I was 5 and my auntie was head of the peds ward!  Can you say spoiled ROTTEN!!!????

4. When do you typically have your holiday shopping done?
I start in August - sometimes June or July.  THAT makes me sound on the ball and oh, so organized. Now, let me answer the question and tell you when I am done... Usually the week before... *hanging head in shame and kicking at an invisible clump of dirt*  Most years by the time I am done, I have purchased so much I didn't remember I had bought that I have a really good head start for birthdays the next year OR the following Christmas!!!  It's ingenius really.  REALLY!  {I mean it!}

5. If money were not an issue (and you HAD to pick something), what would your ultimate luxury item be?

Mmmmmmm, luxury item!  I heart me some luxury items.  Well, at least I assume I would since money IS an issue.  I pick massages! No! manicures/pedicures!  No!!! facials!  No! A maid! No! A chef! No! All the camera equipment I currently drool over, I mean covet... no, that didn't do much more for my character than the drooling... um, currently have placed on my wish list that I occassionally happen to glance ever-so-longingly casually at.  A log cabin? How 'bout my own not-too-big-slightly-bigger-than-big-enough home with big yard perhaps on an acreage? OH!  And a nice car or two with his and her Harley Davidsons (only I want mine to be pearl and sparkly - a girl still needs bling even on a hog!)  How about the one luxury item is just a compilation of everything on my list...  please...?

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  1. yay for the kiddos! that's awesome!!!!

    oh yes, a maid...that's a great one! now that i have 11 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms to clean! :)

    have a great weekend girl!