Thursday, November 11, 2010

Much ado about a lot of big things

Today, in Canada, is Remembrance Day.  Today we remember our loved ones and their friends who have and who continue to fight for something bigger than themselves.

Today, I remember my family who fought; I remember your family members/friends who have fought, who are continuing to fight, who have given up their lives, who have offered their lives.

Let us not forget!

Today begins the first day of a four-day conference we are having at CRC, Deep Calls Unto Deep.  I have butterflies in my stomach due to the anticipation I am feeling over what all is going to happen, how lives are going to be changed and impacted, including and especially my own!


Trying to plan Jellybean's 10th birthday.  A whole decade old! Double digits!  No turning back now, baby! The birthday party is to happen towards the end of this month, perhaps the beginning of December.  I guess we will see what our schedule and the schedules of her friends permits.

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