Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jellybean was a wax statue

and she was a beautiful, animated, theatrical wax statue...

 Meet the fabulous Harriet Quimby...

And her "parents" grandparents who played a supporting role in the wax statue star's shining moment.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Family Ties

Uncle Hammer came to visit.

We, meaning the kids, leapt for joy. Literally. From our porch and into his arms. It was a great surprise. We ate pizza and drank Dr Pepper and laughed and laughed and then we hugged, snuggled, took silly pictures and made plans for a family trip to an upcoming fair. Jellybean and Uncle Hammer wrung their hands with glee as they plotted and schemed all the crazy, daredevil rides they will be going on together. While I made plans to take my camera and keep my feet safely planted on terra firma. :D

 Oh no, they are definitely not related in any way, shape or form...oh how I love these goofs..By the way, Jellybean is no where near as tall as her Uncle Hammer let her appear to be. :D

Aw, brotherly love....

Today, we get to spend the day with Uncle Hammer as we will be celebrating the graduation of Rush with a family barbeque in just a few short hours...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Memories of sweet, sweet ducklings

Here is Moby Duck and Webster...

The ducklings that Bug's Grade 3 class raised and released into Memorial Gardens.

Snuggly, Cuddly, Loveable ducklings...
who even napped with the kids and who even peed on one of the sleeping beauties... hee hee

Friday, June 22, 2012

Here I am





Ophthalmic assistant


Mary Kay beauty consultant


Aspiring (but not exceptional) writer

Embracer of family

World least I plan to be

Over achiever

Fighter for justice

Low self esteem overcomer (at least that's where I am headed)

Shy (although I have spoken to nations at one time)

Loud laugher, practical joker

Daddy's girl

Animal, nature lover

City dweller with a longing to return to the country

City mouse fused with country mouse

Tattooed, pierced purple highlight wearer


Heights despiser


Antique seeker

wild west fan

and that is just the tip of the ice berg...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Joy in every day

My life is full...

full schedule

full days

full of joy

full of life

full of adventure

and full of wonderful people

 Two of my girls from our worship team
 Me, two more of my girls and a visiting friend from World Revival Church in Kansas City, MO...fabulous worship leader, Dustin Smith
Me, loving the life I have.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Restoration is right

Sometimes, in life, we get in the way of our own destiny, our stubborness and hard heartedness create wedges between what should be and what we think needs to be. We decide if or when we are willing to be teachable, bendable...and if we think something is worth fighting for or railing agianst. 

You know it's true...human nature...think Beastie Boys and "You've Gotta Fight For the Right..." mentality. We all think we are entitiled to {insert whatever here}. Smokers think they should have the right to smoke wherever they want. Non-smokers think smokers have no right to smoke any where so they can have their right to fresh air no matter where they are. Each side rails against the other. The examples, really, are as endless as our very own diversities.

5 years ago we met a lady and her 6 children. She and her husband we in the tangles on on again and off again. There was anger, resentment, frustrations and walls put up with no desire on either side to reconcile.  Divorce was not just spoken; it was made reality.

That was then...

and this is now...

5 years of fighting for and praying for...


5 years of standing firm in beliefs and standing for what was right...


Restoration is right...when it is threaded in prayer, desire on both parties and guided by God.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Train Whistles Blowing Create a Long, Lonely Sound

Mon, Tues and Wed I was in a ladies conference and I live today a completely different person...a completely different mom.

Roots of bitterness were exposed in my life in areas that I never fathomed even existed. My kids. I know your perception of me just took a nose-dive and is plummeting to its death at a rapid speed. I don't mean I was resentful of my kids and having to care for them...

I have, over time and circumstances, allowed wedges to be driven between me and my children. I held them close but at just enough of a distance that they weren't pulled in as close as they could have been. (I'm just being transparent here). As a mom, there have been hurts and I think I just shoved them down and smiled like all was well...all while holding my children close enough that they knew how much I love them but not close enough that I could be hurt by them to the most possible depths. (not entirely logical is it?)

That is until this week where that tap root of biterness was ripped to shreds and destroyed through the life transforming words of God spoken by a spitfire of a lady who I have loved and admired for many years now.

Tonight, I lay down on the top of Bug's blankets as he struggled to sleep and began to rub his forehead. The instant I began to rub his forehead, I began to sing some of the songs my children loved to hear when I would tuck them in. I cried as I struggled to remember the words to one of those songs, as I thought of lost moments...

The thing with revelation is you have a choice...stay where you have been or move to where you should be. I choose to move to where I should lessen the gap that I have put between my children and I.

Do you know how I started?

"Train whistles blowing
Make a sleepy noise
Underneath their blankets,
Go all the girls and boys
Rocking, roling, riding
Out along the bay
All bound for morning town
Many miles away
Somewhere there is sunshine
Somewhere there is day
Somewhere there's a morning town
Many miles away
Jellybean's at the engine
Rush rings the bell
Bug swings the lantern
To show that all is well
Somewhere there is sunshine
Somewhere there is day
Somewhere there's a morning town
Many miles away"

We made the song ours by inserting our names...and tonight, I made it ours again...somewhere there is sunshine and I found that place the moment I let the son shine on that darkness and fill it with transcendent light!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ambushed and bamboozled

That is what I feel happened to me during the first half of the course I am taking. I had no idea what to expect...content wise, expectation wise, exam wise... Most weeks I wasa single mother as BigDaddy was away with work for weeks at a time. I ran with kids here and there,got them home and to bed and then studied into the morning, got a few hours sleep and one day looped into the next just the very same. Things fell apart here. Fast food meals were purchased more than not, laundry was neglected until volcanic mountains of laundry erupted, spewing forth from our rooms, papers were not dealt with, they were simply piled and groceries were not boughtasthey should be - a bread/milk run here and there. Stress levels escalated...primarily mine. I am in clean up phase one of recovery while waiting for my second half to begin. I am also much more equipped to prepare for the second half.i know what to expect. I will be ready. Prepared. I think I know how to make the conclusion better...I at least know where to start. My last post divulges that information...I will seize the moments and not let them seize me...

What is meant for destruction can be turned for good

Tragedy has reared its ugliness at us the past few weeks and our community has been reeling from the passing of quite a few young people in a very short timeframe. One of those young people was a schoolmate of my youngest two children. Strange circumstances around a couple of them...the two closest to our family and autopsies are needing to be done on both. The young friend of my kids...sounds like it was bacterial meningitis. My instinct as to write "scary" after that last sentence...but no. God is bigger than meningitis... People will ask 'then why did this boy tragically lose his life' and I have to say that I do not know but, what I do know is God doesn't make bad things happen. He does take bad things and brings good from it. This angry God that religion preaches is not the true image of who God is. He is love; He corrects as a good parent should but what parent would punish their child by inflicting them with cancer or earthquakes or tsunamis or meningitis? God is just and merciful. He does not wish to destroy His creation. Jellybean has had, not a hard time grasping but, a hard time with M's death. It is a lot of an elementary student to take in...this is, after all, the second student in their school to pass away this year. Her heart's cry, desire and her prayer this week has been that M's parents would not blame God but they would find strength through God. That is what is happening. The funeral was today and M's dad stood in front of a church full of people proclaiming the goodness of God. Jellybean's face was full of brightness and joy as she heard from a friend of ours (who attended the funeral)the words of life and hope from the dad. No matter the turmoil stay grounded with roots that are strong and deep, an unshakeable pillar of your faith...know that God doesn't change an the midst of joys or tragedies...He will always remain the same just, merciful God who has no intention of making your life, or mine, miserable. Ww do a good enough job of that all on our own. This passed couple of weeks I have really learned (& the lesson seems to be a theme for the year): grab hold of the moments but don't let the moments grab hold of you. Treasure those precious moments, make simple moments precious but don't turn around and be consumed by a moment that doesn't really matter...chores not being done etc. I am not saying don't correct poor behavior in people; I am saying that you can correct a misdeed with the same love, justice and mercy as God has shown us. Correct without harshness, anger, etc. Don't dwell on things that don't matter...I think the book is called "Don't sweat the small stuff". That is my lesson for the first half of 2012 & I think I have gotten a good enough grasp on it that the second half can focus elsewhere.