Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Restoration is right

Sometimes, in life, we get in the way of our own destiny, our stubborness and hard heartedness create wedges between what should be and what we think needs to be. We decide if or when we are willing to be teachable, bendable...and if we think something is worth fighting for or railing agianst. 

You know it's true...human nature...think Beastie Boys and "You've Gotta Fight For the Right..." mentality. We all think we are entitiled to {insert whatever here}. Smokers think they should have the right to smoke wherever they want. Non-smokers think smokers have no right to smoke any where so they can have their right to fresh air no matter where they are. Each side rails against the other. The examples, really, are as endless as our very own diversities.

5 years ago we met a lady and her 6 children. She and her husband we in the tangles on on again and off again. There was anger, resentment, frustrations and walls put up with no desire on either side to reconcile.  Divorce was not just spoken; it was made reality.

That was then...

and this is now...

5 years of fighting for and praying for...


5 years of standing firm in beliefs and standing for what was right...


Restoration is right...when it is threaded in prayer, desire on both parties and guided by God.

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