Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It has been a while since I darkened the door(?) of this interweb blogville kinda place we sometimes try to hang out at.

I've been working lots; which will make up for the two weeks off in July we have as the doctor is on holidays.

I've been working a few shifts here and there at a jewellry store as well so that I can help build up our nest egg to get a down payment on a house and...the owner of the store is a friend of mine who I love to help out by giving her a day off once in a blue moon.

I was working on a powerpoint....in the middle of fever-induced craziness... yet, it turned out very lovely.  There was some stress there that I really, really tried to not get stressed out over but...one of the parties was a little tardy (ahem - grin) in the providing of pictures for me to work with.  I would love to tell you I didn't stress but I did.  I must be transparent with you...{grin}  It all worked out though. Woo HOOOOO!!!

We had a graduation and an awards night. Jellybean got awards for most improved student, highest average and best attendance. Bug got an award for best attendance. Pictures to follow but I must get them onto the picassa site first.

Oooo, there was a conference in there as well.  I have also, since the conference been spending oodles of time with my "sister" and another friend.  Been having a blast giggling with them again...for real life. :D

Saturday we will be going to the town BigDaddy grew up near  and celebrating his little granny on her 90th birthday!  Yay... will be lots of fun I am sure - hearing old stories as family members reminicse (why can't I spell that word tonight!? Argh!)

Anywhoodles, off to slumberland...just a hop skip and a jump away from blogville...

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