Monday, April 25, 2011

And then she made me cry

Went to visit Rush for Easter...

She made me cry...

Not in a bad way either.  She didn't do anything hurtful or mean or say anything nasty or the like. No, what she said was beautiful and heartfelt and touching and made me cry.

Rush wants a tattoo.

Now, most parents would be freaking out, especially any Christian parents I know, would freak right out over this fact. NOT A TATTOO!!!!  What can I say to her wanting a tattoo? I have one and I want another.  My husband has two and wants another. How can I condemn her for something I have? She got a nose ring.  I found that funny because so do I.

Anyway, back to the tattoo that she wants...

She wants to get a tattoo of a monarch butterfly.  Why? Because I have a tattoo of a monarch butterfly with the konji for Faith. Her reasoning...she wants a tattoo that will honor the mending relationship that she & I have. She told her dad that her & my relationship has never been better. We held each other and cried - happy tears of restoring relationships.

In honor of this new level of restoration, I may get some touch-ups to mine and, perhaps, add something for my Rush - and I know just the thing some blue flowers...

I am certain I heard a couple of you gasp but that's ok... {grin}


  1. Why are tatoo's anti Christian??? You have them and are uber Christian... Faith is not uber or tatoo it?

  2. That was partially my point (however, executed poorly). A lot of staunch, stuffy, "religious" people would be up in arms over tattoos. So many people stuck in a religious system would be utterly dismayed over their child wanting a tattoo.

    My view-point is that tattoos are not anti-Christian and that,it is my heart motives behind all I do that determine who I am as a Christian.

    As I said earlier, it was a poorly executed attempt at exposing religious, pharisitical mindsets. I appreciate that you view me as "uber Christian". :-D

  3. I was never interested in tatoos, nor did I think that they were attractive.

    I lost my 18 month old son in August of 2008 and know that a lot of grieving parents use tatoos as a way to honor their child and their life.

    My own opinion about tatoos has taken on a whole new meaning. Although I will probably never get one, I can see why, in some ways, they may be a type of healing.

    I am Christian and know a lot of people have their own opinions about tatoos...Christian or not.

    One link that I found was... I think it is important to think about our motives and glorifying God in everything we do and this touches on that too.

    So happy for you and your new relationship with Rush...sounds stronger than ever!

    Kindof makes me think of a bone that has broken and is stronger where it was broken than it was before it went through the break.