Monday, October 25, 2010

When silliness takes adults over

And when I say "adults" I use the term loosely because I am meaning my brother and me.  We can get pretty goofy when we are together or, as is the case here, caught up in an impromptu rhyming game via text messaging...

It started off with my brother simply texting me saying "Then there were two"
I asked him, "Who bought the boys?"

S: They got ice cream
Me: Was it from a goat?
S:They had to cross with a boat.
Me: But did it float?
S: Only when they crossed the moat.
Me: (for some reason this text is lost and I can't remember what it said)
S: When they got across they sure did gloat.
Me: Until one of them got a frog in his throat.
S: He could get a doctor note
Me: But the doctors office was too remote
S: So they went to see a coyote.
Me: And he was realy cutthroat
S: The old indian told them to chew peyote
Me:And for that he took their last banknote
S: He fed his horse but only one oat
Me: So the horse submitted an idea to "Murder She Wrote"
S: For their father they will dote
Me: But what did their father's lifestyle promote?
S: Only after the vote
Me: How could his business stay afloat
S: You will lose he said and I quote
Me: There was fear one would come to demote
S: It's all coming down to the revote
Me: But did he wear a petticoat

(this is where I began to get desperate and could not think of anymore words...)

S: You can't keep throwing junk in front of words you already said. Fishing boat.
Me: It's a totally new word ;P are you going to revolt?
S: Doesn't rhyme. You lose.

(and this is where I began to grovel and just make stuff up)
Me: Does so... just say the 'l' really fast...

Anyway, I conceded defeat and that he had won fair and square - you know given the fact that I just kept creating "compound words" ending in coat...

We will do this quite often. Not this particular game but just out of the blue, and without there being an actual decision to do so, just begin playing some random game through texting.

Anyone else find themselves doing this?  Anyone... Marco...?  {fade to crickets chirping...}

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  1. We all should have more moments of silliness and laughter we tend to take ourselves so serious at times and life that we just simple forget how to enjoy life.