Sunday, September 19, 2010

Signs my children are growing older

My youngest son, Bug, just finished studying for his first school exam EVER.  It is in Social Studies and his memory verse for that book is 1 Peter 3:8 "Love as bretheren". He doesn't get what that word "bretheren" means but he sure is willing to try.

Jellybean just spent the evening cleaning and re-organizing her room.  She did a fabulous job! She even threw stuff out and for this de-cluttering mama, she made my heart skip a beat. {wink}

Rush is preparing to go to a kegger.  She doesn't seem to comprehend that this world is actually smaller than she thinks and things tend to get around - even when one doesn't live with her mother any more. My heart hurts for her choices but I know that my God is greater than any circumstance she puts herself into.

Jellybean has begun doing her own laundry and has been doing a great job of it - other than banging the heck out of the top of the washing machine, thinking it was broken when all along she simply had not pulled the button out.

Bug has been going through growing pains of his own - with choosing who he should and should not spend a lot of time with, as far as influences.  Yes, some of you might think that at 7 years old there is no way we should be putting that on him and, in a sense, you are correct.  However, we will sit with him and discuss things and ask him questions to see if he thinks they are really people he wants to spend a lot of time with.  We never tell him he can't spend anytime with them but we get our children to decide if they like the person they are, things they do and attitudes they come home with if they spend too much time with particular people and then we get them to figure out if they think they should spend less time with them or not.  I don't think it is ever to early to guide your children into personal accountability. {thoughts?}

Note: I've been quite busy lately - mainly "mind busy" and I notice that I really haven't been my usual funny self.  I've said this before but it was coming back... I don't know if I am feeling pressure to write so I just write and don't worry about what I say or what but I wanna get the fun back in dysFUNctional. {grin}

Perhaps all the information I have been given in the last little while (with conferences) has been being processed and it, I believe, has taken a forefront of my thinking... who knows...

Anywhoodles, I am going to bed.  Tomorrow begins the start of a new week, new adventures, new projects and new visions... I may need my rest. {wink}

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