Monday, September 27, 2010

Mad Dash Monday

Today my husband left for another week away with work.  I don't begrudge him having to leave because that is part of his job and he is very good at his job but there are times when I really dislike sharing "custody" with his work.

I was finally able to get some nice weather to get a photoshoot done with our family and with a friend of mine who wanted me to get pictures done for them for Christmas cards... This afternoon I have another one, which includes a pregnant mommy so I am totally looking forward to some uber fun shots!

Met a spunky, spry lady who is a patient at the doctor's office I work at.  She was born in 1919! If her husband had not passed away last month they would have been married 68 years this week.  Wow!  When I grow up I wanna be just like her!

I'm needing to find a new sitter for my kids for the couple hours after school I still work.  My sitter has had a rough go this Fall with her parents: her mom just had surgery and her dad was diagnosed with agressive cancer.  Please pray for her, for them.  She was not only my sitter but is also my friend.

The engine mount on the regurjamobile {aka my car} is the newest thing to be added to the ever growing list of needs.  If this car were a horse I would be taking it out to shoot so we could put it out of its misery.  However, this weekend, we (meaning a friend of ours) may have discovered why the car is surging.  I simply need to wait for my husband to get back home so he can change those parts and see.  Fingers crossed {if I believed that that would work}.

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