Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I am so blessed

by my church family!

On Tuesday night some of them decided to put some meals together for me as I have been working late, getting the sitter home and having meetings right after that.  They saw my need and made a plan to help me.

I am overwhelmed by their goodness.

As it turns out, due to Bug's mysterious injury, I have not had to go to work but these meals are still so appreciated at a time like this.  Bug is a healthy 7 year old boy and lugging him around to get him to the washroom or to help him switch positions, etc has been taxing on my own body.  My heart has always been soft for families that need to deal with something like this everyday of their lives and now that my body has "felt" their pain I am reminded and would really like to issue a challenge to you all...

If you know of a family (someone in your neighborhood, from your children's school, whatever) take the time to make an extra casserole or a batch of cookies or something to help ease their burden.  An extra 30 minutes out of your day could mean the world to them...

I am reminded of something the people of our complex did for one of our neighbors just last week. A man ran out on his wife and their 3 girls, leaving them with no furniture, money or food.  By the end of a 24 hour period the people in this bay had fully furnished her entire house, filled her fridge and cupboards and supplied her girls with some school supplies.  I am not sure if there was additional financial help or not - but she went from nothing to everything in just as many hours.  She was overwhelmed by this amount of help from strangers.  We were able to exemplify the love, kindness, mercy and goodness of Jesus.

You never know the magnitude your small gesture can make in someone's life.  There is power in many small things adding together...

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