Saturday, September 18, 2010

98 Days

until Christmas Day.  I am not including today because it's half over.

I don't know about you, but I don't plan on going overboard with gifts this year.  We never really have in our family.  Christmas, to us, is so much more than the gifts.  Don't get me wrong; we still buy gifts but we most certainly do not go into debt overspending.

Our children will get gifts from us - some practical and some fun.  The older kids will probably get gift cards. Impersonal?  Maybe. But they are out and on their own and have a much better idea of what they will need or want than we will(and let's not forget know proper sizing) and I am not one for buying something just because it is on sale and I can give it to everyone.

My dad doesn't like us spending money on him... so, for our parents we take nice pictures of the kids or the whole family and, there you have it, a nice, inexpensive gift they will enjoy.  Christmas cards this year will be the same as last... I am taking the kids out, hopefully tomorrow, and having a nice photoshoot with them in order to get our cards ordered.

BigDaddy & I, I don't know what we are going to do for each other this year or if we will get a shared gift for each other or if we will just put money on a bill and say "Merry Christmas". I'm really beyond that this year.  I really just want to get our one last debt paid and get some money saved to buy me a better car.  (I am tired of the regurgamobile and ALL of its many problems)

Anywho, this whole post wound up way more serious than I intended for it - I think I am suddenly in need of a nap {grin}.  What do you do to plan for Christmas?  To keep it within budget? Are you an early shopper? A Christmas Eve shopper?  Did I catch you off guard with the whole 98 day thing (which by the way I had to count to see how many actual days there were left)?

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