Wednesday, September 1, 2010

*** Updated*** Battery dying...

***Updated****  Ok, I got the computer fixed and the battery all charged up.  Bug's radiology report came back - through the swelling it doesn't appear that there is a greenstick fracture or any dislocation.  GREAT news!!!  Only thing is now no one has any idea as to why my dear Bug can not walk.  He has tried...he most certainly has given it his very best.  He is a "manly" man and doesn't like the fact that his mama has to carry him everywhere (He would prefer that to be a choice not a need {wink}).

We have an appointment with our family doctor tomorrow morning.  My employer has been phenomenal in supporting me throughout this day and into our needs for tomorrow.  You see BigDaddy is gone.  (That's usually the time when stuff like this happens - when he has had to go off for work for the week.)
In the mean time I am to keep my boy "drugged up" on pain relievers, ice his leg for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off and fill him up with freezies (this is why my children LOVE our doctors!).  I only wish our only bathroom was not upstairs or that he had to go every 15 minutes...

laptop not recognizing it is plugged in but please pray for Bug, my 7 year old.  He suddenly and without reason is unable to weight bear on his right leg.  Chiropractor seen, Xrays taken.  Waiting on results to see where we go from here.

Please pray for direction and complete restoration. I'm afraid my mommy instincts are not adding to my faith right now.  Fear has set in...

Battery is darn near dead I will be back as soon as I can or as soon as I figure out how to fix this crazy thing...

Sorry to leave you hanging!


  1. Praying...((hugs))

    With Hope,

  2. I have had children of friends of mine complain a lot about leg pain and it usually turned out to be "growing pains". I'm not sure to what intensity the pain was, but I'm hoping that is what is going on here.

    With love and hope,