Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update on THE "Buginator"

We saw our family doctor today; who told us that Bug has some inflammation and, at this time, that is all they can see.  He is to keep off his leg for all of today and, again, tomorrow and is able to try to start walking on Saturday.  We've pre-scheduled an appointment for Tuesday for the doctor to re-check him, early enough in the day that we can get another set of x-rays done (and in time to see them and take action) if needed.

He is getting texts from his daddy telling him he wishes he were here and texts from his grandmother telling him she is praying for him and hoping all will be well. Bug told her, "Don't worry, Grandma! I know Jesus will heal me and I will be 100%!"

He is a typical boy - hating that he can't be on the go-go-go but most definitely enjoyed wheeling himself around the grocery store in the courtesy wheel chair... slamming into stuff and running people over.

I'm needing to find something to help him release some of this energy without him moving alot.  Last night we drew on each other with face paint... Tonight... I don't know...  Truly I am tired from carrying around an extra 50 lbs...  (definite incentive to maintain and possibly lower my weight... I could NOT carry another 50 lbs all the time!)

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