Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Since my last post

There has been a concussion, a change of schools (not due to the concussion), a "could have been broken" sprained ankle that is preventing Jellybean from participating in her volleyball team for about 3 weeks, oh a volleyball team acceptance, a new trumpet player added to the school band, a new drumming student added to Mr Dean's music students, 2 new children added to the Saturday morning swim lessons and a gigantic family potluck planned for when my cousin, Svein comes to visit us this weekend, from Italy.

We also have a real ugly leak in our main floor ceiling that is irritating me and yet, somehow not getting fixed. Me thinks we need to remind the maintenance people...

So speaking of Italy and Svein and family and eating...mmmm eating... {kidding}

In 1 1/2 days (that's two sleeps, people!) I am going to the airport to pick up my cousin and meet him face-to-face for the first time ever! Pretty freakin' stoked about it - pardon my strong wording. :D

We are having the afore mentioned family potluck, letting him drink Canadian beer (this is a special request), perhaps taking him to buy a cowboy hat, he will see my my grandparents homestead and their gravesites and learn as much Canadian culture as he can in 4 days...

Jam packed!

And that being said, I am on my way. Laundry needs done. Grey hairs need covering and a "could have been broken ankle" is needing iced and elevated because I have no way of knowing how to keep that energetic one still for long, duct tape may be needed. {grin}  Oh and a lovely sign to take to the airport saying "Welcome Svein. Yes, this is your crazy family" in Norwegian is needing to be made...

I promise pictures as soon as he leaves. We have 4 days and I am not going to spend any of that time on a computer.  I know you all understand! :D

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