Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sometimes you have to dig

through life that is...
No one ever said to me that because I became a Christian my life would be sunshine and roses and I am so very fortunate to not have had that misguided, preconceived notion looming over my head, especially this week.

Christian marriages have ups and downs and arguements and disappointments; children misbehave, act up...run away. Our houses aren't always spotless, our hair perfectly coiffed; we get runs in our stockings and, if you ask Lisa Bevere, sometimes our shoes don't even match and sometimes, life throws things at you that you never dreamed you would deal with (like when Rush ran away or..).

Take, for example, this past week. Dear friends of ours have been faced with the unthinkable, Our son, LilB, has been faced with the unthinkable.  His very good friend, and the son of the couple, I mentioned, was shot and killed on Thursday in a tragic run of horrific events that are just too complicated to delve into at this moment. He was a military man, a daddy, a husband, a friend, a son and his death is living a hole in everyone's life that was touched by him and his giant personality.

No, life is not perfect or a cake walk because you decide to be a Christian - don't let religion tell you otherwise. It won't always be an easy walk but what differs is how you dig through it. The father of the young man, stood up in front of the congregation of his church 2 days after his son was shot, declaring the goodness of God.  That is how I want to be able to respond out of brokeness and grief.  Mr. Long (sr and jr) you are on my list of heroes...

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