Friday, March 16, 2012

Too pooped to pucker (aka the Rip Van Winkel nap)

Yes, I used the word 'poop', or at least a derivative of...but I digress.

With BigDaddy having been gone for the last three weeks and all tasks, chores and responsibilities laid upon my weary lap I have become, well, wearier. (I know single moms do it every day 52 weeks of the year...I have been on that road myself)

There is something to adaptation. I have been a single mom but I had a simpler life. I had one child, most things were within walking distance; she was my only responsibility. I worked part-time or, for part of it, went to school, could keep up with housework, had no babysitter to worry about, had me and a 3-5 year old to feed...

I got married, inherited 4 more children, gave birth to two more, began working full-time, became a part-time photographer, became very involved in a church and the cause that it is working towards seeing...and became accustomed to having two grown ups splitting the running around and the chaoticness of days.

Now I am in school as well, taking a class through distance-learning...and my husband is gone every second week. Weekly reprieve is sweet.  This past month, it has all been placed in my lap and I have been too exhausted at the end of the day to study. I picked up my books, read the same 8 words repeatedly with no comprehension, set my books down, defeatedly, and slowly crawled into bed.

BigDaddy comes home today and I should be excited to see him and spend time with him because I have missed him, which I have, but...I am so tired, I am looking forward to him grabbing hold of the baton and running the next stretch of this relay while I fill the tub with steaming hot water, soak for 10 minutes, slither out of the tub, pour myself into my pajamas and pull my sorry butt the 10 feet to my bedroom where I will promptly channel Rip Van Winkel and sleep for hundreds of years...

...or at least 12 hours. {sheepish grin}

I know he will want a kiss when he walks in the door but I am afraid, due to a crazy schedule and a mush-brain due to studying, these lips are too pooped to pucker - at least until after my Rip Van Winkel nap


  1. Must be very difficult to try to keep everything up and running without your hubby. I'm hoping that the admustment of your husband coming home is a smooth one and you get an extra long sleep. :)

    With Hope,

  2. What a nice sleep it was...! :D And, I have even got a bit of quality studying in this morning too...I believe now, I am going to shut my books and head out to enjoy some family time with the honey and the kids... :D

    Enjoy your day as well, Cheryl!