Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'd like to kiss

Yeppers, you heard me. I'd like to k.i..s.s... keep it simple silly...

I've thought a lot about simple living...

not in the trendy sort of way...just simple.

Typing this, I am looking at my bedroom and I see clutter on my dresser, on my night stand, on BigDaddy's dresser and nightstand and a whole heap of clothes on my side of the floor that are screaming to be folded and put away. I have not had time... I am certain there are clothes in that heap that I would probably never remember I had should they disappear. I am also certain that in the midst of the dresser clutter are items I have forgotten we have.

What does this mean? Well, a few things. It means
1. I have too many clothes.
2. If I don't know I have it and I need it I will probably go buy another and waste money purchasing something I all ready own.
3. I have not made it an importance to care for these items
4. My children have too many clothes (thankful for hand-me-downs but I could always donate the excess)
5. I am wasting time doing laundry on clothes that may or may not have been worn or simply because of the volume of clothing period.

What does this mean?
1. I need to sort through our belongs, organizing as I go.
2. I need to have an idea of what my children, myself, my husband need to keep for clothes (let's say a list as to what our ideal wardrobes would be) to know what needs to be donated, tossed, folded/hung up or purchased.

What would it feel/look like when this happens?
Nirvana? Euphoric? Perhaps.

Aside from school, working on achieving what I stated in my last post about legacies and all the other things I do need to do in life...this is one of the things I will be whittling away at...bit by will be a process but, every step forward is a step forward, right?

I think I shall begin with the clothes situation...and then, perhaps, toys...I wish for our home to be a place of serenity and peace for us and those that happen to cross the threshold into our lives. I see the chaotic state of our lives in just about every area of our home (closets, cupboards, pantries, even our fridge). It is time to K.I.S.S it goodbye!

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  1. Just went through a lot of my tubs in the basement...I had many, many 18 gallon totes...and a huge pile of bags of clothes yet to be put into bins. It has been that way since my youngest was born...I began to collect clothes so that I wouldn't have to buy any. I have many friends that hand me down clothes because I have a large family.

    My oldest daughter and I just went through all of the boys/mens clothes and have gotten rid of every bin of clothes except for one bin each for my four living boys. I have yet to go through my daughter's boxes, but it was so freeing. I would rather have to purchase a few things than mentally have to deal with so many clothes.

    We all tend to have our "favorites" and we wear only a very small fraction of the clothes that we own...Congrats to you on wanting to KISS the overflow goodbye! Very happy days are ahead!

    With Hope,