Thursday, November 8, 2012


I will say it again..."WOW..." It has been a long time since I have found the time to come has been happening and it has been good. "Don't cry for me, Argentina" and all that jazz.

Let me quickly update you because, really, this would be a stupid-long post if I didn't do bullet points.

  • Enjoyed a fun, family-filled summer. ("Wish you were here" postcard kind of summer)
  • Started the second semester of school
  • Rush started her first year of college (disabilities support worker)
  • Great news received...not one, not two but three VERY important people in our life are moving back to our town in two different and details of that to come as they get here...but you need to be excited...GRIN...
  • BigDaddy and the two youngest kids have a minstry trip coming up in a couple weeks for a few days...they are excited to go and I am excited for a couple days of totally uninterrupted study get me a Little Caesars cheese pizza and curl me up with my books, laptop and highlighters kind of study time...woo hoo!!!!
  • I am preparing to photograph another wedding...yikes and have had a few different photoshoots for families this Fall...
It doesn't seem like much but it all adds up into a big ball of "I prefer to spend my time hugging and snuggling on my kids than on the blog"; I hope you's not's me...promise...

I hope to back here a little more regularily but don't look for posts every day or even a post every week...I want to live as much of my life away from the computer and in the company of those I love...

Til next time... <3

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