Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Humor between siblings

My brother and I have some of the funniest text conversations I have ever had, and most likely ever will have, with anyone and, for this reason, I am wanting to note one of these conversations mainly for my own nostalgia but, if you manage to get a chuckle out of my brother and I...that is a good thing too.

I get random, bizzare messages from him and they usually snowball between the two of us. Here is the most recent example; I would also like to point out that this particular scenerio began at 8:01 am: (S represents him and M will represent me)
M: Cliff? Cliff Claven is that you??
S: Ouch
M Maybe it's Sam...I can't see from here
S: Diane
M: Shudder
M: Carla?
S: Random space filler sitting at back table pretending to talk
M: Some creep hitting on Carla and ending up face down on bar, witty banter...laugh track resounds...
S: Random legs walking past the upstairs window
M: Cliff deciding he knows who it is and telling everyone the history of how shoes were invented
S: Sam trying to get blond to go home with him getting shut down so resorts to trying for Diane
M: Diane, feeling like sloppy seconds, runs out of bar crying hysterically about not being appreciated...blah blah....camera pans left....Carla is seeing grinning like cheshire cat...end scene
S: Credits roll
M: Everyone goes to bed because it is a school night
S: with a flashlight to read comic
M: with head completely under blankets so parents don't see light...
S: yet they knoew and you get a crappy school lunch in the morning as punishment
M: Klik with cod liver oil pills and a prune juice juicebox
S: If you squeeze them {the cod liver oil capsules...note added by me for clarification} over the fridge you don't taste it {this is what we used to do because our dad got us to have cod liver oil capsules daily}
M: So I have heard...just don't give dad a reason to look up and find evidence
S: Then stop beating up your brother
M: It was the one who shall remain unnamed...it wasn't me...enter Shaggy to sing his song
S: Could have beat me on the counter. Wasn't me. Chipped my tooth on the fridge...wasn't me
M: LOL...you are funny
     Look at the other sister...it wasn't me...I'd have never hit ya...it wasn't me...

This is just a sample of our dialogue from that day...this part began at 8:01 am and ended at 9:13 am...it continued until 3:02 pm and just got more random and more bizzare. BigDaddy thinks we are strange but...I am so glad I have a brother I can be silly with still even at the ages of thirthysomethingnolongerchildren years old....

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