Friday, November 18, 2011

Having a party

In just over a week my baby girl turns 11. EEEE - LEV - EN!!!!! For reals! What does an 11 year old want for a party?  Sounds like a spa party this year! Nope, not going to the spa but, we are purchasing face masks and nail polish and watching a Hilary Duff movie, eating grapes and berries and cheese and crackers and a bright blue cake with orange and pink gerber daisies piled on top of it.  These daisies will also be strewn across the living room.

Guest bags have bath bombs, lip balm, book marks, dessert gums, sparkly pens and maybe some candies...

Did I tell you she is going to be 11? I think I may have just (literally) felt 4 or 20 gray hairs pop right out of my head... Again, for reals!

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