Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Miss You?

Ok, really, it isn't a question. I miss writing on this blog, interacting with you.

Life has really bowled me over lately. Not in a bad way. It has, for the most part, been great - just uber busy. Work, school, kids, kids school, church, photography...all good things...they have just taken up more hours in the day than I have had to spend and so, something had to go and...

I confess, as much as I miss you all, this was the first on my chopping block. I don't promise to be here every day (I did just start school last week) but I do promise to be here more than once a quater. :D

I can't eliminate this all together; I discovered that. I miss the writing. I miss the seeing what y'all are up to and the friendships. I plan to rebuild those friendships.

Forgive me...? Still want to be my bloggy friend? :)

I hope this time of year finds you in the midst of loved ones, making memories that will last a lifetime.

I WILL be back...


  1. Nice to have you back. Like you, I don't want to be slave to my blog writings either so it is not a top priority. However, I, too, miss it. Write when you can; I, for one, am delighted to read whenever you write!

    Skipping ahead a few posts, wow, you have a wonderful employer! That is the benefit of working for a private group! My Christmas gift from work (and I AM grateful for their gesture) is a pocket calendar to keep my work schedule in! ;) Not that I have ANY need to complain; I am more than generously blessed at Christmas and all through the year by so many in my life.

    Hope you have enjoyed your Christmas moments! Take care!

  2. His gift most certainly came as a surprise...a very pleasant one at that...

    We have enjoyed lots of wonderful moments this Christmas and I saw the great family photos so I know you did as well. =D