Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, to ME!!!

Have I told you I have a great boss? Have I? Because really, he is. Dr W and his wife are, if I dare say, FAN-freaking-TASTIC!!! I mean, not only are they paying for our schooling this year but... and this is a HUGE but (NOT "butt", c'mon, work with me people), I just opened the envelope they left in my mail slot at work.

I could tell there was a gift card in there and it wasn't just a kindly written Christmas greeting on a winter scene cardstock. It was sitting so pretty in my hand and when I opened it, it got even prettier.  It most certainly was a gift card but it was more than that.  It was a It is a $450.00 gift card to a shopping mall in a city just a hop skip and a jump from here.

Add that to the nice steakhouse gift card Rush and her boyfriend (trying to think of an intername for him...), the Subway gift card BigDaddy got for his birthday and the Tim Hortons' gift card I got for a gift for a friend and you are talking one nice, leisurely way to spend a fabulous day-long date (where I just happen to be able to buy myself oodles of clothes!! :D)

Picture it (I am reminding myself of Sophia from the Golden Girls), BigDaddy and I hop in the car, grab a coffee for him, a hot chocolate (supreme - meaning whipped cream and chocolate syrup) for me, drive to our destination, shop a bit, feed ourselves with a tasty, healthy Subway sandwich made to perfection by a qualified "sandwich artist", a bit more shopping, walking, discussing game plans and what-not for 2012, and then a soft-lit, overly priced steak with baked potato and asparagus...

Sounds a bit euphoric if you ask me...

P.S. It is Christmas Eve evening and I am on my way to church service with my family and then to enjoy the magic that is this night. From my house to yours, Merry Christmas! Enjoy each other. Don't tear into those gifts in the morning but savor every moment, capture every memory in your heart, etch it forever in your memory banks and stay safe.

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