Friday, February 17, 2012

New Job Description

Nope, not a new "job"... I have the same 9-5 job.  What I am talking about is the job all moms/wives have...Home Manager.

That is my new job description. I need to get a lot more organized... I keep saying it and I keep meaning it but I just can't seem to make it mine.

I need to be a lot more organized in the meal dept, the cleaning dept, the my schooling dept...the laundry dept. Anyone else have Mount Laundruvious about to erupt in their house?

So, in the midst of our do I regroup? How do I re-establish order? I am getting a meal plan in effect, yet again and I am buying oodles of paper plates, bowls and plastic cutlery. Wanna know why? We have a boil water order (have had for a week all ready and it sounds like it will be another 3-4 weeks before it is lifted). Time is of the essence in this household and we don't have time to be boiling water for that many dishes...we are going disposable for as much as we can for the duration of the order. We have been buying bottled water for drinking and just trying to put some ease into the midst of chaos (not like that is really chaos just a little time consuming).

Time is precious. I have learned that in my know, all 37 years of it. For the life that we have chosen and how busy it is, I want to be able to spend the spare time we have hugging on and loving on our kids and family and friends instead of boiling water for dishes.

So, Home Manager I become. I have not taken care of that the last little while but, I get back on that wagon and try to do what I encouraged my kids to do for their Science Fair...overcome, conquer to the best of my ability.

I am not the same mom I was years ago with the same amount of time I had to be making cute snacks and decorate the window with seasonal clings but I can do the best with what I have now. Jokingly, I tell my husband that I need a wife. Deep down, it is sort of true...I could be cloned or something... ha ha ha

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  1. I think I need a wife too.... ;)

    I have my world in order here...every once in awhile....

    When you work, my dear, it is SO hard (we all know it) to master everything. When I'm home, I turn the ship around and JUST when I'm feeling like things are under control again, it's time to go back to work. Argh.

    This year, I'm learning that the boys have to help out much more than they have been. Getting them to do things the way I desire is a feat in itself, but they are improving. I've used menu plans and housework plans with some effect over the years. The menu plan sure helped us save money on groceries. No plan, however, works for me all the time.

    I have concluded that there are days when my house and all that's in it will be in order and a lot of days when it won't be in order. Thus the shut door to my kitchen on most teaching days, ha ha!!

    Anyway, no solutions here - I do hear you, though. I'm much more relaxed when things are in order here but I can't do it all and keep my sanity. I'm a mom; soon they'll be gone, then maybe I'll be organized. Until then - I'll keep my chaos and love my family and serve them first.