Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Day

is a wonderful holiday in a few provinces here in Canada and we took advantage of it. No work for the hubby or I - we slept in. {grin} BigDaddy took care of a few things at the church that he needed to get done and, once done, we gathered the kiddos up, stockpiled on a bit of candy (fun dips, caramel apple suckers all sorts of goodies...mmm) and took them to see Journey 2 The Mysterious Island. We all enjoyed it but the kids most certainly did - lots of giggles, shared popcorn and snuggles in the movie theatre.  I think it will definitely be a movie to be bought for our collection.

Next family night movie, however, will be one at home and it is going to be Courageous. Now, BigDaddy and I have all ready seen this movie and have fallen in absolute love with it.  We know, with utmost certainty, it will become another favorite of our kids. We have all ready worn out the other films from Alex Kendrick.

Next family night, I am certain, will be next Saturday, considering BigDaddy will be leaving the end of Feb and will be gone (save the Saturdays of each weekend) for at least 3 weeks...looking forward to it.  Must plan some extra fun foods... {grin}

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  1. Love great family movies! Sounds like a fun time :)

    Sleeping in sounds just wonderful!

    With love and Hope,