Friday, July 22, 2011

And the beat goes on

and on and on...

That's what happens in the house of an up & coming 8 year old drummer with a passion for a beat...

...and loud. Yes, he has a passion for loud.

I know many of you know just what I am saying, especially one friend/reader in particular who has a few musicians (boy ones) living in her house. (While you're here, reading, follow the link and pop by her blog. She is a fantastic storyteller with some uber amazing makeagain recipes that will leave your moouth watering.)

Back to Bug, currently he is downstairs drumming away.  He's got a good beat going and is so loud the fish are swimming to his soundwaves...wish I were kidding.  They may have even tried to cover their ears with their fins...(ok ok...they don't have ears).

P.S. Why does it seem the only time my children fight is when I am trying to get ready for church?

P.P.S Why do I seem to feel the need to look at the floor to yell at them if they are on a lower level than me? Do I think they can see the "angry face" and make them listen quicker...

Yes, that is what it is like in our least tonight...Heh, I won't front. My life is great and I enjoy most moments.  I have joy that is limitless but, we have "family moments" like every one's all in the way you handle things right? If you can end a fight with both opposing parties laughing with each other, it is a good moment.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the mention!

    I totally understand that beat, that LOUD beat. Andrew even commented yesterday that he thinks his hearing is getting affected since he's been drumming. YIKES! No drumming is worth hearing loss; I told him to bring it down a bit, ha ha!!

    Enjoy, Mama!