Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The bottom fell right out of it

The plans that were in the works... the ones that I said I wasn't going to give details about at that time just in case... well, the bottom did fall right out but I am completely ok with it.  I know that things happen & don't happen for a purpose and I have the choice to be upset by it or to roll with it.  I like to try to be more of a "roll with it" kinda gal. 

Sure, don't get me wrong; there have been moments that knocked me to my knees, perhaps even to my butt but I tend to not let it keep me there. I am a fighter.  I love me a good fight.  Knock me down and I come up swinging.  I just happen to have turned my life around enough that now when I swing it's with prayers and not with punches. {sheepish grin}.

So, what do I do with this bottomless chance? Let it go.  Move on. God has a reason, a purpose...there is something better in the not-so-distant future. I just know it!

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