Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The ladder, the bannock and the doorknob

Now I know you are dying to find out what those three things have in common on a day like today and in the same story no less so I will quit with the lollygagging and get on with it.

Today is my birthday. I know! I don't look a day over ssshmooshhmmmmttthirtymmumbleseven...fantastic! Because I am NOT a day over...well, that number. No I kid. I have no shame in my age. I have worked darn hard to get that number! :D

I tell you that to set the theme because Jellybean was in her room doing a few things and preparing for my birthday celebration that she had planned. Yep, just me and my two littlest kiddos today.

The door to Jellybean's room has, apparently, been sticking. This I did not know until AFTER today's kerfuffle. So, somehow, don't ask me how; her door got jammed shut, absolutely bonifiedly stuck! As in LOCKED. IN. HER. ROOM.  For over an hour my baby was stuck in her room while her babysitter and brother, downstairs, thought everything was cool.

She couldn't get their attention so she opened her window and finally got the attention of someone. Bug ran over to the neighbors to get a mom, who called some of our guy friends, two of them, to get Jellybean out.  In the mean time, she was a smidge hungry because what else do you do in times of being stuck but have the desire to eat bannock? {mmmm bannock} She was talking to a friend out the window who decided Jellybean needed bannock and through the, at the moment, screenless window, she threw some bannock up to Jellybean.  {I couldn't have made up this story if I had tried, people!}

The two men could NOT get Jellybean's door open so one went to get a ladder, climbed up and into Jellybean's room and blammo, she is now free and has no doorknob on her door.  But, she is able to go in and out of her bedroom at will. :D

Jellybean's biggest fear? That she would have to climb down the ladder.

The text I got from the babysitter? "I just want to let you know that Jellybean was in her room and door was stuck. Now she is safe."  This made no sense to me at work. In fact, I just sort of shrugged it off until I got home and managed to get the full story.  This is a definite Wedding Story, probably Grad story, first date story, fourteenth date story, tell-her-children story...interweb story...

Things I have learned today. You really can get locked in your room even if your door doesn't have a lock and Jellybean is afraid of ladders. Oh, AND the flower called Birds of Paradise is absolutely gorgeous! (I received a lovely bouquet from my friends at work today)

Seriously, People! No way I could make this up {grin}


  1. I had to google bannock. :)

    Bannock? Really? Interesting choice. But even more strange is that someone somewhere actually just had some to give her. lol

    The babysitter's text is hilarious in hindsight.

  2. I know! I think the bannock just had to do with the fact that that was what her mom had made her for lunch... :D Bannock is VERY good with chili, fresh jam, soup, stew...