Saturday, August 6, 2011

To capture a moment

We recently discovered that one of my uncles is very sick. He has just been diagnosed with aggressive stage 4 double lung cancer... Not good.  The good part is that he still has strength, right now, to enjoy his family.  A couple days ago he started his second round of chemo and has just now begun to lose his hair.

Knowing this, his children, who were all together for a rare moment this past couple weeks, decided that we should take a day and get some family pictures while Uncle still has enough strength to do so.

It was such an honor for me that they asked me to do the photographing.  It was a beautiful day, complete with being with my family and sharing time and a nice meal with them.

A couple of shots from the day...

Auntie & Uncle

 My cousins and their fabulous spouse!

 One of my cousin's children
 Uncle and "the sons-in-law"...they were totally oblivious to the fact that B was being a terd... I love my family!!! :D

 "So this is love..."
 Minus one son
What a card! I love his makes me happy.

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