Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Caution: Slippery When Wet

and I am totally not making reference to my teen years when I was struck and deeply fascinated by Jon Bon Jovi...

 Bug is sick but BigDaddy is in a land far, far away called "Not-even-in-cell-coverage" for this week.  This means that mama, that would be me, had to miss another day of work (which, thankfully, my wonderful boss is cool with) anywhoodles, I got the kiddos dressed. Correction: Jellybean got ready & dressed for school while I conviced Bug that he had to get pants on so we could take his sister to school - he came down in pajama pants {sigh}. (Battle choosing commenced at this point and he left the house in his pajamas - not making a big deal out of a not-so-big of a deal)

Bug & I arrive back home; I stick my key in the lock to open the door and KABLOOEY! {Not making that up; that is TOTALLY the noise I heard; it may or may not have been followed immediately by a crash and a sploosh but it all happened so fast...} Chaos and confusion quickly ensued. We were struck by an explosion of junk as our closet shelf took that moment to collapse on itself with all of its contents tumbling down.  This may not have been that big of a deal (or that big of a clean up) had my honey not decided that that needed to be the spot for his deep fryer FULL of oil (you know, instead of it going downstairs on the shelf with the rest of the odd-time a year usage items).  I am covered in oil, my back entrance is covered in oil, shoes and boots are saturated in it and I have now successfully tracked it into every level of my home.

I am heading now to WalMart to get some more papertowels to try and absorb it some more and get rid of the extreme slipperiness of my floor. {heh, who knew that walking to the kitchen sink for a drink of water was an extreme sport?}

Pictures will NOT ensue.  I am not taking my camera anywhere near that oily mess for fear it will consume my camera as much as it has consumed my back entrance.  I trust your active imaginations to envision the carnage in appropriate and worthy measures. You are welcome for the imagery and the giggles.  I do what I can to give you, my bloggy-world peeps a laugh, a smile, a chuckle... even a guffaw {whatever THAT is!}


  1. ooooooooh nooo! horrible!
    and you can't even call ur hubbs and give him the what for! Sorry mama!

  2. I'll tell you, although not humorous at the time, it is kind of funny now... that it is all cleaned up and all that jazz... :P