Sunday, December 19, 2010

We give Him glory (and a PSA)

This afternoon we were on our way to the city Rush, my mother and step-father live in to go have a Christmas supper with them.  Everyone was excited and anticipating a great visit.

As we drove we pulled up behind a car that was being driven a little um, unsafely, so my dear husband thought it would be safest to pull out and away and get ahead of them. Just as we pulled out we hit a stretch of glare ice on the highway, our traction control kicked in and we lost control of our car.

At that moment we should have rolled our car down the embankment of the "on-coming traffic lane" but we did not.  Big Daddy did his absolute best to try regaining control of the car but to no avail. We then did a 180, slide backwards for a few yards and began to do yet another 180. As my window was passing the driver of the other car's window, we made eye contact with each other in an incredibly strange & eery moment that seemed to last minutes instead of mere milliseconds. We tapped, yes, tapped the very corner of her back bumper, spun out of control again, did another wierd spin of some kind and wound up half buried in the ditch of the lane on the highway we were headed in the first place.

The girl of the Charger (the other vehicle) spun out of control, rolled down the embankment of the ditch we should have initially gone down and totalled her car. When all the snow cleared, we found her bottoms up near the tree line of the ditch. She has some minor scratches and bruising but is otherwise (currently known to us) fine.  We were all bumped around and, obviously, frightened but let me tell you something; I began to pray and we felt the presence and protection of God come into our vehicle in such a powerful way.  The only damage to our car is two minor chips in the paint and a small corner in one of the signal lights chipped out. (Please know, I am not saying this to make it seem like God spared us over her because we are special or something but simply telling you how this played out and that He did protect us)

As we play the accident out in our heads now, it really should have played out a lot differently and with fatal results for the members of both vehicles but God positioned our car in such a way that it did NOT t-bone her as it should have in our first or second spin and technically, we should have rolled before that point with a near (or actual) fatal outcome. God spared the lives of the people in both vehicles today - 5 people are alive because of His goodness and His mercy!

Our city lost a police officer yesterday because of a similar accident; he was 30 some years old. We mourn his passing and the loss his family and our city has endured with the loss of an incredibly wonderful police officer.  I thank you God for your mercy in today's accident, sparing the lives of 5 people who don't deserve it any more than the next.

We are stiff and sore; Bug & I moreso than Jellybean and BigDaddy but we were both on the passenger side of the car and absorbed most of the bouncing, jostling and banging around. Tomorrow may be difficult for sore muscles to raise us out of bed but I am grateful for such a little problem.

On our way home, after being pulled out of the ditch from the tow truck driver, our car overheated. When we stopped & opened the hood to see what was the matter, our engine was PACKED with snow.  With both BigDaddy  & I digging out the snow, we were stopped on the side of the road for a half an hour. 

Wait time buried in the ditch was an hour and a half; ten minutes later "stranded" on the side of the road for another 30 minutes.  Here is where my Public Service Announcement comes in: When you are traveling ALWAYS, ALWAYS, AWAYS keep a winter survival kit in your car!  We were fortunate that we had brought the kids' snowpants, had a sleeping bag and made them remember the toques and mitts.  Besides that though: granola bars, candles, water, flashlight, batteries, etc.  For a more comprehensive and professional list look here (remember though that this list is geared toward Canada but I am certain it would come in very handy for at least the northern States!)


  1. praise God!!!!!! Awesome!

    yes, we always have an emergency in the mountains and all.
    I'm totally rejoicing with you!

  2. I really need to get an emergency kit. Thanks for the reminder. glad you are all essentially unharmed. Most certainly traumatic so do let yourself feel and deal with that. It's so tempting, too, to think that the safer option is to get ahead of that unsafe driver, but experience has led me to understand that you're much better off slowing down and backing away. (A good reminder to ME after driving in bad conditions today.) Trying to pass can get you into a lot of trouble this time of year. Sorry it happened to you.